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Have you ever been interested in trading on the stock market but just don't have the time? Maybe you have the time but just don't know where to start. That is where One Minute Trader comes in. One Minute Trader is a program that will show you all you need to know about trading on the stock market.

One Minute Trader offers you one on one contact with Matt receiving daily videos to help you navigate the world of trading. So, if you have ever wanted to know anything about trading, this might be the program for you.

What Is One Minute Trader?

According to, the site was registered on April 18, 2017, and updated June 12, 2017. The site is set to private. However, you will find that One Minute Trader is active on YouTube and introduces Matt Davis as the spokesperson for One Minute Trader. It is unclear if Matt is the owner or someone else entirely unrelated to One Minute Trader.

On the YouTube channel, you will notice that the channel has 15 subscribers and that it was set up on June 7, 2017.

There is no information on the site itself as to who owns the site. The contact link will bring you to a generic contact form. There is no address or phone number listed on the site.

You will find though that One Minute Trader is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Youtube.

One Minute Trader Product

One Minute Trader is basically an educational course that shows you the ins and outs of trading.

There are three different plans you can pick from. The first plan is called the “5 Minute Trader”. It will run you $48 a month. Within this plan, you will get daily 5 minute videos as well as a daily dose of examples and market opportunities. This is the most basic package and is great for those who know what they are doing, but just need a little push.

The second plan is the “1 Hour Trader” which runs $188 per hour. This plan offers one-on-one coaching where you are taken by the hand and shown the ropes. This is the plan you want if you are completely clueless and need some serious help.

The third and final plan is the “1 Day Trader” which runs at $888 a day and is for those serious about trading. With this plan, you are shown exactly what to do. The whole day is yours with Matt who will show you what to do and answer any questions you may have.

One Minute Trader Opportunity

One Minute Trader is a product sold through Clickbank. This simply means that if you are a Clickbank associate you can look on the Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace, grab your hop link and start promoting One Minute Trader to earn a commission.

While the site doesn't specify how much you can make per sale, you can always check out the “Affiliate” link at the bottom of the page and plug in your email address to get access to all your promotional tools you will need to start sharing One Minute Trader.

One Minute Trader Verdict

If you are in serious need of help when it comes to trading you may want to check this program out. You could easily start off with the basic plan and pay the $48 for a month. With Clickbank, you are guaranteed 60 days to review the product and see for yourself if you want to continue. If you don’t, then contact Clickbank and get a full refund.

The only red flag that comes up is the lack of transparency of who the owner and creator of One Minute Trader is. The fact that Matt seems to be the owner, without verification, he could very well be an actor. There is no telling and is something you may want to look further into before handing over money.

After all, without a reputation in trading, he could be just a random guy who built this program and is selling something he knows nothing about.

On the other hand, he could be a guru offering you everything you have ever wanted. Since there really is no risk, if this something you want to learn about, go for it.

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