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One Dream Team Review


Crypto currencies are on the rise, and OneCoin has its own version, along with a network marketing opportunity to go with it.

But this is not about OneCoin, really.  It's about one of the biggest and most successful OneCoin teams: One Dream Team.

Claiming their OneCoin team is seeing tens of millions of Euros in turnover each month, One Dream Team is clearly a contender.

But what is OneCoin again?

Just a reminder: OneCoin is a digital currency (think BitCoin) available in Europe.  Launched on the heels of globally famous BitCoin's success, OneCoin hopes to capture the momentum and get people signed up to use their digital currency, as well as to spread the word about the network marketing opportunity.

Members get commissions and bonuses for getting others to invest in OneCoin.  Packages range from €100 to €12,500, and there is also a free membership which does not come with any OneAcademy training.

One Dream Team's Pitch

Anyway, there's one lineage that's doing quite well with the OneCoin network marketing scheme, and that's the One Dream Team.

They're reporting huge earnings after less than six months after joining OneCoin: tens of millions of Euros and according to leader Staffan Liback, that's only the beginning.

“…this team is actually only in its infant stages…we are now pushing South America and many other places…”

-Staffan Liback, top leader in One Dream Team

Revenue is expected to triple if not quadruple in the next few months (as of October 2015).

What else can you say about One Dream Team?

Interviews with top leaders are posted in video format.  Unfortunately, since this is a European company, many of the videos are not in English.  I sort of got the one in Spanish, although the guy speaking was German or something and his heavy accent in Spanish proved to be challenging to understand.

Seems they taped all their interviews in one night on the same couch, and one of them is in English.  It's basically a lot of cheerleading so you're not missing much if you don't understand these videos anyway.

It's encouraging to see all the energy, at any rate.  More than most network marketing teams will do!

Top leaders include:

  • Juha Parihala
  • Ezequiel Melendez
  • Anton Federspiel
  • Udo Deppisch
  • Aron Steinkeller (founder)
  • Stephan Steinkeller (founder)
  • Staffan Liback (founder)
  • Richard Castillo
  • Jose Gordo
  • Igor Alberts & Andrea Cimbala

…in case you recognize any of these names.

The Steinkellers of the One Dream Team are formerly of Organo Gold.  They were apparently doing so well (almost a million dollars per month) they broke off to form their own company (the strangely named Conligus).  

Conligus did well, but fell prey to credit card fraud and lots of fake accounts in their back end software.  They struck a deal in Spring of 2015 with OneCoin and moved their whole operation, team included, to that network and the rest is (short-term) history.

The are now one of the biggest and fastest-growing teams in OneCoin.

The Verdict

I must admit, I've never seen a network marketing team with such an impressive website.  It's highly professional, full of interesting articles on its members, as well as informative news about OneCoin and OneCoin events.  Well done.

If the website is a testament to how well this team runs things, then I give it a total thumbs up.  The fact that they tried to strike out on their own but failed is not stopping them.  They like to quote Winston Churchill a lot, who talked about how failure is not final and it's the courage to continue that really counts.

Well, One Dream Team has certainly picked up the ball and is continuing on like winners.  We'll see how it goes by staying in tune with their blog.  Hope they keep it up!

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