OneSoci is basically a platform that links all your social media accounts. It was designed to help you create stunning ads for all your media accounts or share whatever you find relevant to all your social media outlets.

What is OneSoci?

The site first came about on September 22, 2016. As you can see, it hasn't been around for every long. When it comes to who owns the site, it is a little iffy. According to, the registered owner, and the address is blocked. While you can find a bit of information on Facebook about the app, you will also find two names that become linked to OneSoci, Lee Pennington, and Martin Crumlish.

The Product

OneSoci has everything you need to start an ad campaign on any social media platform. You can create posters, one-click opt-in, you can find content to post to your media accounts or create your own posts with their designer. The whole point of the site is to help you build a better presence on all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

The product also helps you to schedule your posts so your accounts are always up to date and active. You can also create ad campaigns right from the software and get real-time data as to which ads are working and which ones don't. The system was created to help you save time and puts everything you need all in one spot.

The price for OneSoci varies. When you first arrive at the site you will be offered the product at $47. Once the timer runs down the price for the software goes up to $57. There are however two upsells as well that pop up as “One Time Offers” (OTO) the first OTO is a page tab creator with monthly templates included and developer rights. The price for this upsell is $37. The second OTO is all about contests. You will be presented with OneSoci Contest System, Opt-in contest, and quiz contests. The price for this OTO varies from either $77 or $97.

If you buy everything that is presented to you are looking at a total of around $181 for OneSoci 2.0.

The Verdict

There are a few things that seem a little off about this system. First, you can find other systems out there for cheaper than what OneSoci is offering. Secondly, the fact that the owners are hidden doesn't seem to make this site very plausible. Third, you will notice that the entire site is one big sales page to get you to buy the system. Plus, they have upsells to add on. The whole thing just seems like a funnel.

You have to really pay attention to the site and what is being said when you read it. The site is very careful not to make any bold guarantees. It also takes great care as to not give you any further information about who they are. This is one of the few sites that don’t have a “Terms of Service” or “Disclaimer” on the sales page. You will, however, find those pages if you click the “Buy Now” button. You will also notice that OneSoci 2.0 is linked with JVZoo for their payment processor.

There just doesn't seem to be enough evidence to really rate this site. It is just too new. But there are definitely things that should make you question whether or not it is legit. The product may work, or it may not. The fact that there is upsells kind of makes the site a bit iffy as to what their main goal is. Usually, when there are upsells to a product, it means that the original system won't work or function properly without them. This may not be the case with OneSoci, but it is well worth looking into if you are interested in buying the product.

The best thing for you to do is wait and see. If the product is still around in a few months, then go for it. But the way it is laid out suggests that it may not be around for very long.

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