online millionaire system

The Online Millionaire System is billed as a “fully automated business generation system” that has the potential to harness the internet to earn over $20,000 a day in revenue. If this sounds hard to believe, that’s because it is.

What Is Online Millionaire System?

There’s nothing on the Online Millionaire System website that provides you information as to who runs the company. In fact, the website’s registration data is likewise unhelpful, as the identity of the registrant is hidden behind a private domain name registration service.

Online Millionaire System Product

Online Millionaire System advertises itself as a “done for you” online marketing system that requires you only to drive traffic to its storefront where a group of dedicated professionals will then close sales and provide you with high-ticket commissions on the products and services sold.

These products are described as “high end educational tools.” What these tools are is never explained, as instead Online Millionaire System relies on hard-sell tactics to convince you to sign up before releasing additional information to you.

Online Millionaire System Opportunity

Online Millionaire System claims that members can generate commission payments of anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 per sale, representing a massive opportunity to build an almost passive income.

Again, details of the commission program and how it operates is never specified or gone into detail on the Online Millionaire System website. This makes it exceedingly difficult to provide any information or to review the opportunity.

Online Millionaire System Verdict

The reason there’s so little concrete information about Online Millionaire System and what it is a member actually has to do in order to earn these massive commissions is because – guess what – there is no “Online Millionaire System.” Instead, the website itself is a cleverly-disguised recruitment funnel for none other than MOBE, an international affiliate sales company that we’ve reviewed several times already.

MOBE, if you haven’t come across it in one of our older reviews, has been permitting and even encouraging its affiliates for some time to create unique recruitment funnels similar to Online Millionaire System in which a miraculous commission-based income system is promoted heavily without ever mentioning the name of the company or any other pertinent information.

MOBE affiliates feel that they’re able to get more traction – and bring in more new recruits – through these double-blind recruitment funnels than simply marketing MOBE directly and transparently. The reason behind this is likely because MOBE affiliates, in order to gain access to these high-ticket commissions, have to pre-qualify by investing tens of thousands of their own money into the system in the form of upgraded memberships and so-called resale licenses.

It’s true that there are a myriad of digital educational products that cover a wide range of topics in the MOBE library that carry high-ticket commission rates of anywhere between $3000 and $10,000. It’s true that selling these products can earn MOBE affiliates quite a lot of money. However, it’s also true that you’ll have to spend up to and even more than $30,000 of your own money before you can unlock the ability to gain the highest-tier commission rates on MOBE’s most expensive products.

We don’t have any problem with MOBE in and of itself, or we wouldn’t if it would at least be honest in its costs as well as the opportunities. However, with the company downplaying the membership requirements – and its blatant encouragement of affiliates engaging in this bait-and-switch blind recruitment funnel business – we believe that the company is not operating in an ethical manner.

For this reason, we don’t recommend MOBE, whether one of its faceless affiliates markets it as Online Millionaire System or under any other name. If a nameless company is offering you the opportunity to make up to $10,000 in commissions just for “lead generation” or something similar, be aware that it’s likely yet another MOBE affiliate trying to drum up more business for his or her own downline.

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