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We're officially experiencing a trend in the MLM world.  With the prevalence of lead generation systems being marketed this past year, you could say 2015 has been the year of the online entrepreneur.  There are now so many ways to “learn” the business of online marketing that the industry seems already over-saturated.  Within one year, it's gone from the newest thing to the most crowded industry in the MLM world.

Online Sales Pro is one of this new breed.  Can they rise above the fray and make their sales model work?  Does their training program have what it takes to provide value, retail loyal followers, and attract more of the same?

The Company

Online SalesPro is owned and operated by Leadline, LLC.  That company has been in business since September 2013 and is based in Tucson, AZ.  The registered owner of his business is named Kitty Vimarie.  She appears to have absolutely no presence whatsoever on the internet other than her registrant info with the State of Arizona, on file with Leadline, LLC.

Leadline LLC started a Facebook page the year they were formed, yet abandoned it after just a few posts.  They then called themselves a “Media/News/Publishing” company.  Things are different this time around, however.  The Online SalesPro Facebook page is updated regularly.

Leadline LLC also operates “Leadline Pro”, a new company selling what appear to be the same products as Online SalesPro.  Leadline Pro is a “direct sales software company” while Online Pro bills itself as a “Lead Generation” company.

The Product

Online Sales Pro (OSP), like its competitors, offers anything a budding online entrepreneur might need to get a new business up and running.  This would include:

  • Landing pages: choose from over 500 slick designs
  • An app for managing your account
  • Autoresponder
  • Sales funnel
  • Social Media training
  • Sales training
  • Team training
  • Custom domains
  • Community pages
  • Client support

The cost is $37 per month and there is no contract and no set-up fee.  Basically, it's a system that's going to develop your online presence for you so you can concentrate on bigger and better things.  There is also a 7-day free trial with no strings attached.

But what is all this, really?  The bulk of the system is software for managing your leads.  Contact info for each lead is displayed along with the status of the lead, for example.  You can easily view your leads and contact them easily from your phone using the Online Sales Pro app.  I'm just wondering if that could also be done through a high-powered mail program that's synced with your phone.

There are fun little messages, however, which get texted to your phone: “Your lead xyz has moved to stage 2!”.

The Social Media & Sales Training includes a primer on Facebook, among other things.  I'm also willing to bet this sort of “training” could be had with a little bit of intense internet research.  People absolutely love to blog about that sort of thing, after all.

The landing pages are sales page templates which you can customize to fit your business.  OSP also claims they come pre-loaded with content, too.  Professionally written content, it says.

So, for $37 per month you get a cookie cutter website that's just like everyone else's?  And although there's no hosting fee, that $37 monthly is way more than most hosting packages I've ever seen for this sort of small-scale operation.

Hire OSP for your business.

Online SalesPro will also build a custom training system for your company.  Apparently the software they've created is applicable to a wide variety of entrepreneurial adventures, so they figured why not just make the most of this and rent out our services while we're at it?

Here's what you can purchase from OSP:

  • Affiliate Systems: cobrand marketing systems
  • Custom Dashboards.
  • University Training

OSP does not currently have an income opportunity

The Verdict

OSP better be pretty good to keep people paying $37 for stuff you could, with a few resources and some good research time put in, find for free online.  However, when your business is ready to scale and you've got lots of leads starting to pour in, that $37 per month might not be such a burden.  Maybe it's perfectly worth the price of having 500+ online marketing templates at your fingertips and the cool app for keeping things organized on the run.

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  1. OSP is definitely worth the $37/mth, so much value, the capture pages, the app etc. I am getting 10-15 good leads a day!


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