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Oprah's Lifeclass Review

Oprah's Lifeclass is basically a culmination of Oprah Winfrey's personal collection of interviews and life lessons generated over her 25 years of being an international talk show host.


About Oprah's Lifeclass

Throughout countless sessions with celebrities of all genres, Oprah has gained a valuable amount of information ranging from parenting issues, drug addictions, relationship situations and medical health concerns. The information gleamed throughout these conversations have been saved in Oprah's video library vault and have periodically been redistributed for those that missed it the first time.

She calls these, “aha moments.” Her sole purpose of releasing these video snip-its are to help people who may be experiencing these same situations described within them.

The first season of Oprah's Lifeclass occurred in 2011. She was joined by self-help experts and spiritual leaders, who conversed about the many different situations that all of us go through. They also have the ability to talk with Oprah through Twitter, Skype and Oprah.com.

In the second season, Oprah took this show on the road and began a tour that would last only one month, but made a total of six, two hour episodes. Three more seasons followed, and in the last one, she hosted classes in front of a live studio audience.


Oprahs-LifeclassThere are no products that need to be purchased. All of the videos shown are free of charge and open to the public. They are educational, informative and interesting, since they cover such a wide array of topics. Pretty much everyone can gain valuable insight through the viewing of these videos and incorporate them into their daily lives without a tremendous amount of effort needed to be given.

There is also a broad spectrum of creative quotes presented that were generated with the hopes of changing people's lives for even the fraction of a second. She seems to truly want to inspire and change the situation of everyone that needs, or desires it.

At the bottom of the page of her website, there is a opportunity to purchase a subscription to her magazine for 72% off the news stand price and enter into drawings and lotteries as well. Additionally, you can also sign up for daily news letters.


The New York Times gave Oprah's Lifeclass horrible reviews, basically saying it was the Oprah Winfrey Show with, “the life sucked out of it.”

The Lifeclass website is however visually stimulating, informative and easy to maneuver around in. There are literally pages and pages for the viewer to choose from and I feel that almost everyone will be able to find a topic that they are interested in.

I think that almost everyone in the world knows who Oprah Winfrey is, and whether you personally like her or not, you have to give her a fair amount of respect for her success.

Her estimated worth is over three billion dollars and she wasn't born into, she earned it. Over 302,000 viewers tuned into this show on a nightly basis and its obvious appeal to the public shows that her work is both respected and admired.

Regardless of your age, background, or attitude, I feel that the Oprah's Lifeclass has something that can both educate and inspire you. Is your teenage son, or daughter out of control? She covers that. Worried about specific health issues? She talks about that too.


In the many options of topics to choose from, the material is covered in a professional, concise and informative manner. This allows the audience to genuinely be educated and able to use the knowledge gained in a daily basis.

The fact that Oprah Winfrey is so hugely respected and wildly popular allows her the opportunity to bring in some of the biggest names in their profession. This means that the conversation will be stimulating, reflective and on point. There is no fluff here, everything has a purpose and a mission and can truly help the individual who is seeking it.

I would highly recommend to anyone that has issues, or concerns about life's problems to take a minute and check this page out. Hopefully you can gain insight and peace of mind after watching the related videos.

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