option robot

Option Robot is a free binary options trading software service that automates the process of trading binary options by generating trade signals and then automatically investing a user's money based on these trade signals.

What Is Option Robot?

There is no information regarding the company behind Option Robot, or the identity of the individuals running the company. The website registrant is listed as private.

The Product

Option Robot is a combination binary options trade signal software, which analyzes financial market activity to predict future activity, and an automated trading platform, which will then take those trade signals and automatically place trade orders for users through an associated broker.

Option Robot claims to have a more than 80 percent accuracy rate when it comes to predicting market fluctuations.

Option Robot is completely free to use. However, all of the brokers that Option Robot is compatible with require a minimum deposit of $250. Users that already have an account with one of these brokers is not eligible to use Option Robot, as it is only available to new accounts.

The Opportunity

There doesn't seem to be any discernible opportunity here for individuals interested in an internet marketing or affiliate program. While there is an “Affiliates” link at the bottom of the Option Robot website, clicking it does not lead to any information.

There are of course affiliate programs out there for individuals looking to market binary options robots, automated trading software, or trade signals software. However, it seems as if the only opportunities offered by Option Robot is access to its free software.


Offering access to a binary trade signals program and integrated auto trader may seem like a strange business model, especially in light of the price of entry. With Options Robot offering these services for free, it seems strange to think that the company behind Option Robot will ever make any money.

The truth is that “free” services such as Option Robot are often allied with brokers. These brokers profit whenever one of their customers uses their platform to make a trade – win or lose, the small transaction fee for making the trade goes into the broker's coffers.

Brokers therefore benefit by having as many customers as possible – and sites like Option Robot funnel prospective new customers to these brokers in exchange for a kickback on conversions.

This is likely why you must open a new account with one of Option Robot's compatible brokers in order to use the free service. Brokers are not nearly as interested in keeping their existing customers as they are in welcoming new ones to the fold, after all.

This is also why becoming an affiliate with such a program presents the opportunity to earn commission revenue on conversions; again, sadly Option Robot offers no concrete information on any associated affiliate programs.

This isn't the only problem with Option Robot, of course. The complete lack of transparency in the company does not engender consumer confidence in the least, regardless of the smartness of the website copy or the sharpness of the accompanying graphics.

Not having any information regarding who is presenting the service to the public, either in the form of a business name or in the form of a person or collection of people, does little in the way of providing any legitimacy to the site or its offer.

This perceived lack of legitimacy makes it exceedingly hard to recommend involvement with Option Robot in any way, shape, or form. Additionally, the performance of the auto-trader and signaling service is unverifiable, which makes it difficult to market such a service to savvy investors.

If Option Robot changes its tune sometime in the future, cleans up its act and presents itself in a more professional, transparent way, this may change public perception to the positive.

Fully fleshing out an affiliate link program would likewise make it much more attractive as an income earning opportunity. For now, it's recommended to give Option Robot a pass.

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