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The Organized Brilliance Mastermind Course – or simply Organized Brilliance for short – is an annually-billed real estate mastermind program designed for individuals either in the real estate industry or those who wish to become part of the industry. Members of Organized Brilliance can receive help that can possibly double or even triple profits from a real estate business, according to the Organized Brilliance website.

What Is Organized Brilliance?

Organized Brilliance is a product of a pair of real estate investors and trainers named Dean Graziosi and Matt Larson.

According to the biographical information shared on the website, Larson is a full-time real estate investor with 9 years of experience and has completed more than 4000 real estate transactions.

Graziosi is also an accomplished real estate expert, having written several best-selling books on the subject and given speeches and seminars to crowds of more than 20,000 people, again according to his company bio.

Organized Brilliance Product

Membership in the Organized Brilliance Mastermind group confers several different benefits. The top-billed one is an invitation to two 2-day mastermind retreats hosted by Larson and other members of the mastermind group.

The second billed benefit is a 24/7 email help line where real estate business questions will be answered either by Larson personally or one of Larson’s dedicated staff members. This perk also includes inclusion in Organized Brilliance’s private Facebook group.

The next benefit is monthly live trainings hosted by Larson, either in-person for those living close enough to his hometown in the Midwest or over the internet.

Next, the (arguably) most comprehensive benefit to Organized Brilliance members is access to all of Larson and Graziosi’s training materials from past and future courses. A total of 20 courses or collections of educational materials is made available to members.

Finally, included is two VIP tickets to the “Gain the EDGE” seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona. This package includes front-row seating, opportunities to eat lunch with both Graziosi and Larson throughout the weekend, and exclusive access to a private mastermind session.

Price for this entire package is not publicized. Instead, interested parties need to undergo a screening process by submitting their name, email address, and personal telephone number in order to have a member of the Organized Brilliance team contact them. However, it’s sure to be quite expensive.

Organized Brilliance Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Organized Brilliance is an ideal one for real estate professionals that have plenty of capital to invest in networking, training, and education. Otherwise this program doesn’t offer any opportunities – in fact, the website says explicitly that Organized Brilliance is not a networking opportunity to market your own products and services directly to members.

Organized Brilliance Verdict

By all accounts, Organized Brilliance seems to be an advanced, comprehensive mastermind membership that likely has plenty of value for the narrow focus it has. It’s also likely to be insanely high priced; as the old adage goes, if you have to ask how much something is, you probably can’t afford it.

There’s nothing wrong with this pricing model per se, but it does make it difficult to evaluate it in a review setting. The best we can recommend is that if you’re serious about your own real estate business – and you’ve got substantial capital to invest in training, education, and networking – you may want to give Organized Brilliance a second look.

For what it is, Organized Brilliance is likely to be an effective real estate networking and educational package. However, for the vast majority of individuals looking for opportunities, Organized Brilliance will likely be either too narrowly focused or simply too high-priced to be of any use to them..

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