ORMEUS Global (or simply “Ormeus”) is a high-yield investment program (HYIP) and affiliate recruitment scheme that makes use of a proprietary cryptocurrency to reward would-be investors and recruiters.


Identifying who's behind ORMEUS has been difficult, to say the least. The site itself offers no information as to who's running the company, and the site itself was privately registered in February of 2017.

There are a few clues in the form of satellite companies that are involved in ORMEUS.

Independent research has found that the ORMEUS back office site was designed by a web company named ApogeeInvent, and has ties to a company named iAM Marketing – a company that registered another site associated with ORMEUS and seems to have enlisted ApogeeInvent to create the infrastructure for the company's websites.

iAM Marketing, which bills itself as a “white label” cryptocurrency company that focuses developing MLM compensation plans, seems to be the driving force behind ORMEUS, based on all this circumstantial evidence. Still, there's nothing definitive that allows us to point to iAM Marketing as the power behind the throne.

ORMEUS Product

ORMEUS is currently in prelaunch, so there aren't any specific products or services available yet.

However, the company plans to have at least three services at launch, whenever that might be an “interactive online learning system” called Innerquest that will provide cryptocurrency education; the ability to trade its proprietary ORMEUS Coin digital currency; and a line of “energetic wellness products” known as ORMEUS Qi.

ORMEUS Opportunity

Upon its eventual launch, ORMEUS says it will provide two income opportunities – an HYIP that will provide 160% ROI on investments, and an affiliate recruitment compensation program to provide commission-based income.

The HYIP portion of the plan is powered by what ORMEUS calls B2x89, a powerful “trading bot” algorithm that provides the ridiculously high ROI. Other details on the investment opportunity are spotty, owing to the prelaunch nature of the program.

The affiliate recruitment scheme provided by ORMEUS works on a binary compensation model. The company says it will track invested funds in order to reward affiliates, but the specifics of the compensation scheme – percentages, matching bonuses, and so on – are also absent.

ORMEUS Verdict

There is a host of problems with ORMEUS, which is distressing since the platform is still in pre-launch. It doesn't bode well for the future of the company – and the financial stability of anyone who decides to enroll in it once it opens its doors.

The first problem is that the idea of an “auto trading bot” that can provide 160% ROI is absolutely ludicrous – especially in the cryptocurrency setting.

To be fair, ORMEUS says that its bot can provide “up to 160% ROI,” but to be honest that's splitting hairs; the truth is that you're not going to be able to find a legitimate trading algorithm anywhere that's capable of such incredible performance.

What's much more likely is that ORMEUS won't actually trade your invested funds at all – they'll simply promise you a high rate of return and then provide you the funds for your ROI from the deposits made by other investors that join the program after you.

This is why there's an affiliate recruitment scheme built into ORMEUS, of course; with affiliate investment being the only source of true revenue for the company, it won't be able to pay its obligations unless recruitment is high enough to do so.

Inevitably, this recruitment drive will falter and fall. At this point, ORMEUS will no longer have the funds available to pay off its investors looking for their 160% ROI. Once this happens, the company will collapse, and any investors with money still in the system risk having it stolen out from under them if ORMEUS stops honoring withdrawal requests.

Such events have happened time and again in the past with other similar schemes.

Of course, since the company is likely to provide at least some of its promised ROI in the form of payments in its proprietary ORMEUS Coin, it might take some time for a scheme like this to collapse.

Paying out in essentially worthless pre-mined coins that aren't available on any currency exchanges is a great way to control costs for a company like ORMEUS, allowing them to amass a prodigious amount of real money.

Additionally, since ORMEUS will control the valuation of its own currency, the company can manipulate its price and institute a “pump and dump” scheme as well.

Best advice we can give our readers is this: don't buy into the hype on ORMEUS. It's probably a bad idea.

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