OwnThePlay Review

OwnThePlay is yet another daily fantasy sports site that promises to do one thing differently than its competitors: complete transparency. Here’s our Own the Play review.

What is OwnThePlay?

OwnThePlay is a daily fantasy sports website that promises to “level the playing field” in daily fantasy sports. To do that, Own the Play offers complete transparency. It publishes athlete ownership percentages in real time, for example.

Own the Play’s major competitors – including DraftKings and FanDuelhave been embroiled in controversy in recent months after employees for the companies were found to be involved in “insider fantasy trading”, so to speak. You ever wonder how that guy at the top of your DraftKings pool just happened to have the perfect combination of sleeper picks? Yeah, that guy wasn’t always playing fair.

In response to the scandal, both DraftKings and FanDuel have permanently banned employees from playing fantasy sports. The scandal hardly put a dent in business, as both websites recently recorded their best weekends ever.

Nevertheless, some people want to avoid any potential future mix-ups at all costs: especially when your own money is on the line.

That’s why Own the Play aims to fill the niche for people who are tired of cheaters on competing fantasy sites. Currently, the site only offers four fantasy sports:

  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy League of Legends
  • Fantasy CS:GO

You can start with a deposit of just $1. Entry fees at the time of writing were just $0.01 for some pools ($20 payouts). Larger pools had entry fees of $5, $10, $25, or $50. The highest paying pool at the time of writing was a $4000 payout pool with a $5 entry fee.

Major DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel do not currently support fantasy e-sports like LoL and CS:GO at this time.

How to Join a Tournament with OwnThePlay

Joining a pool with Own the Play is straightforward. The site has an easy-to-use interface that looks similar to most other DFS websites.

You choose the sport you wish to play, then can filter games based on their entry fee, payout, and start time. You can also choose to only display pools with entry fees below $5, or with entry fees over $100.

Customize your tournament search based on start times. In the NFL pools, for example, you can choose whether to join a pool before 6.25pm Thursday or before 11:00am Sunday.

How Does Real Time Ownership Percentage Work?

One of the key selling features of Own the Play is being able to view real time ownership percentages across all sports.

How exactly does this work?

Well, ownership percentage is displayed in the draft room as the percentage of lineups that own a specific athlete for your chosen slate of games. So if 100 lineups have been created across various tournaments on the website for your chosen period of play, then you’d be able to see up-to-date lineup stats across these games.

As an example, if 20 out of 100 lineups are playing Calvin Johnson for the Thursday night NFL slate in any position (WR or Flex), then Calvin Johnson will be displayed as 20% owned in the Draft Room.

The “real time” ownership percentage is important here. Own the Play claims that ownership percentages are updated on a second-by-second basis in the Draft Room. So if a flurry of players in other tournaments suddenly starts drafting Calvin Johnson, you’ll see that ownership percentage increase.

Certain players will appear as 100% owned in the Draft Room. Own the Play’s creators explain why that’s the case:

“This is because ownership percentages are related to the lineups created not the other players in that position. So imagine the RB spot in NFL. On our website you roster 2 Running Backs (RB) and a Flex which can be a RB. Now let’s say 100 lineups are made for the Thursday Night NFL and each lineup has Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson at their two RB spots and Matt Forte at their Flex spot. Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte would all appear as 100% owned because they are on 100% of the lineups created.”

Choosing a Lineup with Own the Play

Own the Play’s fantasy drafting system works in a virtually identical way to every other DFS site. You get $50,000 to spend on a full lineup of fantasy players. Your job is to stay under the salary cap and draft the best team you can.

In fantasy football, you’ll need to fill all of the following positions:

— QB
— RB x 2
— WR x 2
— TE
— Flex
— K
— D/ST

How to Join OwnThePlay

Own the Play just recently launched and they’re currently offering big promotions on new signups. Using the promo code on their front page, your $1 deposit can turn into a $10 bonus.

You can make your deposit using all major payment methods, including MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, Discover, and American Express.

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