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Pain relief, energy, and sleep: that's the magic triangle of success which pretty much defines the “wellness” industry.  Oh, there's nutrition and skin care plus anti-aging products as well, but the Big Three cover the most common problems facing people in the developed world…those with money to spend on the types of products OXO World Wide sells through its MLM structure.

They claim they are here to bring back old-school network marketing by keeping things simple and lucrative payment plans .. but we will be the judge of that in our review right?

Just how good are the products, the company, and the opportunity?  Read on to find an objective point of view about this new OXOWW company that was recently bought out by Aroga Corporation who specializes in educational materials and is a notable holding company that allegedly is valued at over $60 million dollars.

The Company

Without even researching who's behind the Oxoww company, it's easy to tell right away they have at least a little more on the ball than most.  That's because their website offers clear information on their products, their compensation plan, and their “company culture”.  That says a lot- the marketing isn't hokey, dubious, or splattered with Ingrish, and they at least pretend to show a little transparency about their methods and payment structure.

Who are they really, though?

The CEO, Grove Bennet, has actual business experience outside MLM.  He ran a clothing manufacturing company in Australia, which had dealings with big names like Nike and American Express.  He moved to Canada where he worked in IT and had contracts with various branches of the military.  He also worked with big utility companies in the same capacity.

The COO Steve Barclay has an equally solid and impressive backgroud, as does the President.

The “company”, by the way, changed hands in 2014 and now Oxo World Wide is owned by Aroga Corp, an assistive technologies company out of Canada.  Oxo World Wide is based in Ontario, Canada.

The OXO WorldWide Products

Real Time Sleep.  Based on the notion that getting a good night's sleep (and market research showing that insomnia is a number one problem, presumably), this product claims to deliver drug-free relief.  If you've heard of acupressure, then you already know how this works.

The problem with do-it-yourself acupressure is knowing where to put the pressure points on your body to get the desired effect.  That's where RealTimeSleep comes in.  These are holograms you stick onto your skin so you know exactly how and where to perform your own acupressure in order to sleep better.

Real Time XP528 Energy.  Continuing with the theme of hologram-assisted DIY acupressure, this product does the same for you only the targeted effect is more energy.  Target audience: athletes and hard-working people with high pressure jobs.

Real Time Relief.  Same DIY acupressure assistance, with a different targeted effect: pain relief.

The Opportunity

The first notable item that stands out about the Oxo compensation plan is that Oxo World Wide pays out 70% of the money that comes in each day to its associates/distributors.  If there is spillover that's not poured into the binary structure, it's reserved for generation payments.  It appears that Oxo WW isn't trying to horde all the money for themselves.

Secondly, as noted, it's a binary structure: get people to join by purchasing the $149.97 intro package and earn commission.  Get one sale on each of your two legs and get a $100 fast start plus $20 fast pay cycle commission.  That adds up to a lot of dough coming your way for just two sales.  Plus, as you can see if you do a little simple math, most of the incoming revenue goes to you, not Oxo World Wide.

You get $50 with every $149.97 sale, and matching bonuses as well.  The more active members you have on each leg, the more generations you get to make money on.  So, if you sell 5 intro packages on each leg for a total of 10 enrollees, you have 5 generations to earn from.  It's a fairly simple and straightforward pay structure.

The Verdict

Oxxo World Wide got two out of three things right.  Their management seems capable and sound and their compensation plan seems fair and easy to understand.

It's actually their product lineup that falls short of anything tempting.  There's the obstacle of people not believing acupressure works.  There's the hokey feeling you get when you realize you're buying stickers.  Finally, the stickers seem wickedly expensive.  But maybe people are more willing than I realize to buy into the notion of DIY acupressure.

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  1. OXO Worldwide is 100% criminal and a scam. Their product is holograms. Whether or not the product works is debatable. What is criminal is their operating basis.

    When they first opened, they promised Distributors stock options, a dream getaway to Costa Rica, a lucrative compensation plan, and much more. Stock options were held by Master Distributor Minh Ho who was instructed to share them with leaders. Of course, the Minh the Snake kept all the stock options and has not given out a single share to this date.

    Distributors worked for 3+ months and were never paid commissions!!! This is totally illegal, isn’t it? There were tons of excuses from corporate, like “We are working on it, we have a new bank, we have new software.” But the proof is in the pudding.

    Distributors from all over the world worked hard to bring more than 15,000 networkers on board, and they still have not been paid.

    The autoship is mandatory and costs over $130 a month. But the product never arrived for those who paid! There are thousands of people who paid 3 months of autoship and still have not received the product!

    The compensation plan was changed with the good old bait and switch. Plus, people were supposedly locked in at Gold Status, but after paying and joining, they lost their status and their commissions.

    The latest news is the company has Barclays Bank cards which will come out in a month. But after 3 months of not delivering what they promised, the majority of the field has lost faith.

    There is no technical or customer support at all. You can send a message to support and never hear back at all!!!

    The product was shipped to Russia and because the company refused to legally register, it was stuck in customs.

    Here’s the finale: The company is changing its name to Aroga Worldwide to hide all the criminality that has taken place with OXO Worldwide.

    Personally, I hope they don’t get away with this and they are forced to pay out commissions which are owed to people and deliver products. They have taken millions of dollars from people and delivered nothing in return. That is called fraud and theft.


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