There is a brand new system to hit the internet, PacAds. It is unlike any cycler or matrix system you have seen before. PacAds offers all of its member's spillover and is ten times more powerful than anything you have seen before.

PacAds is an advertising system that allows you to also earn revenue sharing up to $10,000. Sound too good to be true? Check it out and see for yourself.

What Is PacAds?

According to, the site was registered on April 4, 2017, and updated on June 8, 2017. The registered owner of the site is listed as Michael Dwen from Belize City, Belize. Belize is located in Central America.

When looking into the background of Michael Dwen, you won't find much. There are a few names listed on a random Google search but none are linked to PacAds. However, when you scroll down the homepage you will see a link for Facebook.

When you click on this link you are taken to the “closed group” for Pacads. The admin for this group is Shakeel Babar. According to Facebook, Mr. Babar lives in Seri Kembangan. His Facebook page is filled with promotional material for PacAds.

It could very well be that Mr. Babar is the rightful owner of PacAds and Mr. Dwen is a character name.

PacAds Product

PacAds is basically a matrix system, therefore, it offers no real retail products or services. When it comes to the different packaged plans available each one comes with ‘ads packs' as part of the membership.

So, all a member can really do is promote the memberships and money opportunity.

PacAds Opportunity

PacAds offers three different packaged plans. The first is the “Micro Phase” that cost $2 to join. In this plan, you will earn $4. The site explains how you can receive free entry into the “Mini Phase” which is the next level. What is really happening though, is you are paying the dues to join the next level with the money you make from your downline in this phase.

The second plan you can join is the “Mini Phase” which costs $10 to join. According to the site, you can earn up to $7,000 within this phase with a matching bonus of $13,000.

Lastly, there is “Phase 1” which will run you $15 to join. The matrix system in this phase is a 3×9, unlike the Mini Phase which is a 3×1 matrix system. With the Phase 1 plan, you can also earn referral commissions of 10% with the potential to make $29,000 from the system.

PacAds Verdict

The site is still in pre-launch mode. There is no proof as of yet that the site actually pays out. You will notice however that there are already 414 members signed up. It could be that these people are the pre-filled positions giving them the biggest rewards once this site actually launches.

When it comes to looking over the site though, you will notice several red flags. One of the major red flags is the system itself. The site focuses on too many things. You have your advertising packages, your different matrix systems, and unrealistic earning potential.

If you are planning on signing up you should stick with the $2 plan just to see if and when it pays out. The site mentions how membership will be paid when you earn $100. This could mean you won't see a dime until you reach that $100 threshold.

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