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Paid to Send Email is billed as a “path to financial freedom,” offering interested parties up to $500 a day for literally just sending emails for between 25 to 30 minutes a day.

What Is Paid To Send Email?

Paid to Send Email is supposedly a product of Jared Rich, an online entrepreneur that probably doesn't exist, considering the name is likely fictitious. We're reasonably sure of this, as there's no “Jared Rich” that we've been able to find anywhere that's a multi-millionaire that made his fortune by “sending emails” over the internet for 14 years.

Paid to Send Email's registration info is no help, either. The site was registered in May of 2016 through a private domain registration service, making it impossible to identify who's behind this program.

Paid To Send Email Product

The Paid to Send Email is a “push button money program” that involves being told to go to specific websites, copying specific text, pasting it into an “email system,” and hitting send – all according to the promotional video.

This doesn't explain much at all, as the specific instructions are apparently hidden behind a pay wall, but judging from the promo video it looks like the system involves using Aweber – a common automated bulk email service – and affiliate link advertising, which then supposedly earns the affiliate money through ad revenue.

The cost of the system is $27. However, there are likely to be several different upsells waiting behind this initially low-cost pay wall, as independent reviews of Paid to Send Email have been highly critical of having to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for all the add-ons included in the program that aren't mentioned during the promo video.

Paid To Send Email Opportunity

Paid to Send Email promises the opportunity to make as much as $500 a day or more simply by sending emails over the internet. The program promises a step-by-step method for learning how to accomplish this “by sending quick little emails.”

This is of course rather glib; the reality is something closer to running email ad campaigns for affiliate websites. Where you're supposed to get an email list to market to isn't mentioned, however.

Paid To Send Email Verdict

Visiting the Paid to Send Email website is a frustrating and annoying experience. You need to sit through the entire promotional video – a video that you can't pause or speed up – before you're even given the opportunity to purchase the system.

That's just the initial experience with the site – a long-winded promo video, long on promises but short on explanations, that you're forced to sit through. Once you progress far enough in the video that the purchase link actually materializes, you're required to input an email address. If you mistype it, or you accidentally navigate away from the page, guess what – you'll have to sit through the entire video again.

Technical issues aside, the actual Paid to Send Email program doesn't seem to exist in the real world. Multiple negative reviews on other sites have recounted how this particular income opportunity is all about separating you from your money instead of helping you become rich.

Members are invariably drawn in by the promise of making $500 or more for just half an hour's worth of work a day – especially at a $27 price point – only to realize there is upsell after upsell waiting for them behind the scenes. Some former members reported spending upwards of $2000 or even more while chasing the dream.

As if that wasn't enough, other problems with Paid to Send Email – besides the obviously fictitious video narrator – include blatantly falsified testimonials. These short clips of incredibly successful members are nothing more than fake testimonials provided by Fiverr actors. Using false testimonials makes it obvious that you can't legitimately make money using the Paid to Send Email system, as otherwise they would have been from real members.

In the end, Paid to Send Email looks to be a pretty egregious scam. We don't know who's really running it, but we do know that they're perfectly fine with lying and misleading prospective members as to how much money you can make with the program. Skip this one.

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