pangea freedom

Pangea Freedom (Pangea) is a membership-based travel club that offers hotel and travel discounts to members as well as earning opportunities.

What Is Pangea Freedom?

Pangea is a new start-up founded by James Ward and Sam Fuentes. Both Ward and Fuentes have decades of experience in the e-commerce and international sales industries.

Part of the focus of Pangea, as stressed by Ward and Fuentes, is giving back to the community – the founders claim that they have plans to provide charitable donations through its “S.T.A.R. 1M Initiative,” which stands for Serving Together All Races.”

The Product

Pangea Freedom offers membership in its travel club for a one-time fee of $299 plus a $30 monthly membership rate.

In exchange for membership, members are entitled to a free 7-day vacation at a location serviced by Pangea, as well as ongoing perks such as travel and accommodation discounts worldwide.

The Opportunity

Becoming a Pangea member also unlocks the ability to generate income. Members can market and sell memberships through an MLM format to others – for every six sales, members are awarded a $777 commission.

In other words, members keep $777 in revenue while Pangea keeps the remaining $1,017, plus its $30 per month per member fee.

The “six sale commission cycle” is unique in that a member's six sales need not be direct sales.

Sales made by individuals in a member's recruited downline also count; an example given includes a member recruiting two new members, who then recruit two new members of their own each equaling six.

Additionally, members are entitled to a small percentage of their downline's recurring membership fees every month as well, creating an opportunity for residual income without necessitating constant recruitment of new members.


Pangea is a brand new company as of December of 2016, currently in pre-launch.

This is both good and bad – it's a positive as far as a new MLM travel club launch is certainly going to gather quite a bit of attention, but it's also a negative in that new companies lack any kind of proven track record, positive or negative, by which to judge whether it's a worthwhile risk.

The relative newness of Pangea also makes it nearly impossible to evaluate whether the travel deals it has on offer will be beneficial or not.

This is doubly true because access to Pangea's travel and hotel accommodation sites are hidden by a $300 paywall – and even the promise of a free 7-day hotel stay somewhere isn't enticing enough when there's no way of knowing what types of hotels you will be permitted to choose from as well as where or when you can go.

There are one of two outcomes we can see with Pangea – it's either going to be wildly popular or it's going to be dead on arrival.

If the travel and accommodation discounts are worthwhile – enough to justify the cost of membership – and if the free 7-day vacation doesn't turn out to be a bust, Pangea is likely going to garner a lot of positive attention. This will lead to early adopters benefiting from that initial wave – and it could result in a very lucrative commission opportunity.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Pangea could end up being revealed as nothing more than the newest iteration of the classic pyramid scheme attached to a substandard service that's not worth the initial cost or the monthly membership fee.

Let's not forget that anyone joining Pangea will have to pay a total of $659 over the course of a 12-month period. That's in addition to the price of any travel arrangements made through the site – but it's also less than one six sale commission cycle payment of $777.

For those who want to jump in with both feet and who think they can market this program to the point where they can at least break even, Pangea could be an excellent income opportunity.

Otherwise, it may be beneficial to take a wait-and-see approach to evaluate the company after it's been actively operating for a few weeks or months.

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