The Paradigm Shift is a self-help course that teaches you how to find your true purpose in life. The course will explain how you are living and how you should be living in the grand scheme of the universe.

What Is Paradigm Shift?

According to Mr. Joshua Carr from Arizona registered the site March 2016. It would seem that since Mr. Carr is the site's owner, he is also an affiliate of Clickbank who is promoting Mr. Bob Proctor's product. There isn’t much information on Bob, who is stated to be the speaker of the event.

You can find a blurb about Bob on the site explaining how he was a drop out with debt up to his ears. But nothing of any substance that shows his experience or background.

The Product

The Paradigm seminar will run you $147 for the Live streaming of the summit that will take place in Los Angeles, California. With the course you will receive a downloadable workbook that will walk you through the different courses that are outlined with the program.

According to the site, it is not a motivational seminar, but a blueprint to how you can shift your life to become more fulfilled. The Live seminar is for two and half days. If you reserve your online spot, you will have access to the event for the following 14-days before it is taken down.

The fact that the system is sold through Clickbank may rub a few people the wrong way. After all, Clickbank is notorious for selling anything despite the quality of the product. The Paradigm Shift program could be one of those low quality programs.

There really is no way to know unless you go through the course and find out for yourself. But know that Mr. Carr will be making a commission off the sale, as he is not the speaker in the seminar and is merely an affiliate.

The Opportunity

The site doesn't mention that there is any opportunity. However you will notice at the top of the website that the seminar is sold through Clickbank. Immediately you should know that 99% of anything sponsored by Clickbank has some kind of opportunity attached to it.

When you go to the Clickbank site under the “Affiliate Marketplace” you will find the Paradigm Shift. According to Clickbank the average earnings per sale is $67.35 which is about 50% commissions from every sale you make.

The Verdict

Granted everyone needs a little help discovering their true path. Sometimes people get lost and confused as to what they should be doing. That is life though. It is all about challenges and obstacles.

No one, whether they have a doctor's degree or not will be able to tell you what you need to do to be happy. Sure, they can offer suggestions. But it all boils down to you and how you read your own body.

The Paradigm isn't a motivational speech that drags on for the 2 and half days. It is a program that will show you what you are doing in your life based on your answers to the workbook. Then, it will teach you how to change your habits one at a time until you are free and happy.

The idea seems a little far fetch and expensive. Anyone with an honest friend or loved one will be able to tell you what you need to fix. It really is all about the support you have in your corner.

For some people, they may not have that loving support group and need this seminar to tell them what is wrong. Then again, there are some people who will look at this whole program and think it’s for the birds.

No one can really tell you what you should or shouldn't do. If you think that finding your weakness and reprogramming your mindset is what you need, then this is the seminar for you.

On the plus side though, because it is sold through Clickbank you will have a better chance at a refund if the system isn’t any good. You will have to jump through a few hoops though since it is a digital product.


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