Two of everyone's favorite things: going on vacation and getting paid.  Could they be possible all at once?  Paycation would love to convince you that yes, you can travel for cheap and make money spreading membership everywhere you go.  Let's see how cheap and how much money you can really make, and then we'll decide if this is a “paycation” or a “naycation”.

The Company

What can you tell about a company from its “About Us” page anyway…that they know how to pick some good stock images, hire a good writer, or have a high opinion of their management and/or executive team?  Or that they'd have you believe they're in business to help people like you?

Sure, but lack of even those basics can tell you lot about a company, like they don't have it together enough even to assemble a passing “About Us” page on their own website!  And trust me, you see that a lot with companies which usually don't succeed.

So, if a good “About Us” page is at least a signal that they have something going for them, then Paycation gets a passing grade in this department.

Heck, they even have a vision statement.  Their executive bios look good, although I'm not sure what sort of company chooses a motivational speaker as its CEO…business experience is usually required, isn't it?

The Product

The product is an online travel portal which supposedly gets members good deals on everything from cruises to car rentals to total vacation packages…think “Travelocity”.

The Compensation Plan

There are three ways to belong to Paycation, all of which pay commissions when you sell travel.  The three levels are:

  1. Travel Club Member Independent Associate.  Cost is $40 plus $29.95 per month.  You get travel club membership, earn commission on personal sales, and qualify to earn in the Paycation Residual Commission Program.
  2. Referral Travel Consultant.  Cost is $99.95 plus $69.95 per month.  You get 65% of the travel commissions on travel they book through their portal, plus 20% on travel referred to the corporate travel department.   Qualify for coded bonuses and leadership bonuses.  There is an annual $40 renewal fee.
  3. Certified Travel Consultant.  Cost is $149.95 and $69.95 per month plus an annual $40 renewal fee.  This is an RTC who upgrades by taking the Certified Travel Training and passes the test.  They then get to be a certified travel consultant for Xstream Travel.  That means 75% commissions instead of 65%.

Here's what you can earn as an Independent Associate:

  • $10 for every IA you sign up.
  • $25 for every RTC you sign up.
  • $50 for every CTC you sign up.

Plus, those people you sign up will send personal sales commissions your way when they sell travel through their own portal websites.

If you are a Referral Travel Consultant, you get the coded bonus, too.  That means starting with your third IA you sign up, you get an extra $10 for each one.  If you are a Certified Travel Consultant, it's $20.

Then for RTCs and CTCs, there are other bonuses and residual bonuses.  Everyone gets to earn on a 3 x 7 forced matrix, even the Independent Associates, starting with $2 on level 1 and ending with $8 on level 7.

The Verdict

I'll be the first to say Paycation seems a little expensive to join.  Even the most basic Independent Association level 1 plan is too much…almost $30 a month?  Plus they had to get you for the $40 fee on top of that?  Plus annual renewal fees?  It's death by fees and no travel membership is worth that.  Anyone who has time enough to travel so much is either rich and doesn't need this, or jobless and can't afford to travel, much less pay $30 a month for discount travel.

To me, that tells me the product is not worth much.  Paycation doesn't even describe their travel portal or make any claims, even bogus ones, about the discounts members can expect!

And you know what that means…”no real product” is a warning sign.  Combine that with the emphasis placed upon getting new members to join and you've got yourself a new pyramid in paradise.

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