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Personal Finance is a premium subscription-based binary options trade signals service and instruction course that purportedly teaches traders how to make trades at an 85% win rate.

What Is Personal Finance?

Personal Finance is a service created by Investing Daily, a company that provides free and premium stock trading advice. The creator of Personal Finance is Jim Fink, who is listed as Investing Daily's Director of Portfolio Strategy.

Personal Finance Product

Jim Fink claims that following the guidelines and information made available to Personal Finance subscribers can result in making an average of $185 a day by playing the binary options market.

Only around nine minutes of work a week is required, Fink adds, saying that the strategies he and the rest of Investing Daily's portfolio staff have developed result in an 84.7% success rate overall.

Enrollment in Personal Finance costs $39.95 for one year's worth of access.

This provides users with 12 months' worth of Personal Finance reports both electronically and in print to your mailbox, access to the program website with portfolio updates, flash alerts, and member forums.

Subscribers also receive two bonus reports by fink, the Options Strategy Manual and The Biggest legal Loophole in the IRS Tax Code.

Subscribers who purchase two years' worth of access at a time for $79 receive all of the above, plus two additional reports: How to Buy Stocks at a Discount and Options Strategy Manual.

There are two guarantees offered by Personal Finance:

First is a full 90-day no questions asked refund that entitles buyers to receive their entire purchase price if they are not satisfied with the program.

Users can also receive the pro-rated cost of their membership if they wish a full refund after the three month mark and before the end of their subscription period.

Secondly, Personal Finance guarantees that you will have at least an 85% success rate on your trades during the first 90 days of your membership.

If you don't achieve this, you're also entitled to receiving a full refund of the cost of your membership (note this doesn't cover any additional funds you may have lost on bad trades).

Personal Finance Opportunity

The opportunity presented here by Fink is seemingly to create a residual revenue stream over the internet by trading binary options using his supposedly highly successful trading strategies.

There are no other opportunities besides these, as there is no affiliate or MLM marketing angle to be had in this instance.

Personal Finance Verdict

Jim Fink has some rather impressive credentials.

He's a highly successful stock market trader and has been such for many years, and this indicates that he's got  more than a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to navigating the always-volatile and unpredictable binary options market.

That being said, we're a little skeptical that he can deliver on his claim that his methods can provide an 85% win margin on binary options trading. This is a very high figure, especially since most investors would be insanely happy with a win rate of anything over 65%.

We're not saying that Fink can't do it – we're just saying that we'd like to see some proof of these transactions.

The Personal Finance sales page certainly features persuasive prose but seems to be a little light on hard evidence; the numbers that Fink throws up certainly look wonderful, but there seems to be little to no verification of these astronomical figures besides some tables and graphs that could easily have been put together by anyone with a novice's knowledge of Photoshop.

The claims being made aren't just flimsy – Investing Daily doesn't seem to have much faith in them itself. The so-called “full refund” guarantee really isn't much of a guarantee if you think about it, as the only loss Investing Daily faces is anywhere between $40-$80 per subscriber, which is nothing compared to how someone who make a few bad trades on binary options can be fleeced out of thousands.

We recommend approaching Personal Finance with a good dose of skepticism if you're looking to get involved.

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