pips wizard pro

Pips Wizard Pro (PWP) is an investment trade signal software program designed for investors playing the foreign exchange (Forex) markets, designed by Karl Dittman.

What Is Pips Wizard Pro?

Karl Dittman is a well-known internet presence in the Forex trading community who has been marketing and selling investment products since at least 2010 over the internet. PWP seems to be his latest attempt to market a new product.

The Product

Pips Wizard Pro seems to be a run-of-the-mill trade signaling software designed to analyze historical trends in the Forex market and then predict when a specific pair of currencies will begin to gain or lose value.

When this occurs, PWP alerts the user to either buy or sell the currency pair until market conditions change once more.

PWP is available for a one-time payment of $87 and is compatible with any third-party Forex broker, though Karl Dittman will recommend a specific broker for those new to trading Forex.

The Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Karl Dittman and PWP is one that involves generating profit by following the suggestions to buy or sell particular Forex currency pairs made by the software. T

here is no discernible MLM or affiliate marketing program associated with the product, though the sales of the product are handled by ClickBank, an online checkout service long used and abused by affiliate marketers currently and in the past.


It is entirely possible to make a profit on Forex trading. However, most successful Forex traders spend an inordinate amount of time studying and following the markets, and usually do not rely upon an automated trade signaling software to provide guidance on which currency pairs are destined to gain value versus which are going do lose value.

This is a common criticism of trade signal programs; markets are simply too complex and volatile to be predicted by current algorithms, no matter claims to their accuracy.

Many other signaling software programs are available over the internet – some of which are free, provided you use a specific broker, while others need to be purchased – and almost all of them offer outlandish (and unsubstantiated) claims of accuracy and success.

PWP is, sadly, no different. There's no indications that this Forex trade signal algorithm is superior to any other out there.

While impressive screenshots may show highly accurate predictions supposedly made by the software, screenshots can and have been faked, either through running the program in demo mode, or through outright image manipulation.

If PWP was being offered for sale from a reputable source, this might change our tune, but Karl Dittman is anything but reputable; in fact the truth is that there is no “Karl Dittman.” The name is a pseudonym that has been used for years – a fact that is buried deep in the Disclaimer boilerplate of the PWP website.

Additionally, while Dittman maintains a high-profile presence on his own website and Twitter page, the picture Dittman uses for his Twitter profile is taken from a stock image website.

The Disclaimer claims to use a pseudonym to protect the anonymity of the individual – or more likely team of individuals – behind Karl Dittman and the products and services he has provided to countless trusting customers over the years.

As a result, the identity of the company that developed PWP for sale is also anonymous, which immediately impugns the legitimacy of the product and the entire operation.

Made worse, there are many claims around the internet, easily within reach of a cursory web search, that the name “Karl Dittman” has become associated with a scam artist. T

hese reports seem to have emerged shortly after the Karl Dittman website first launched in late 2010 and have proceeded to this day. It seems that becoming involved with Dittman in any level is likely to be a recipe for financial disaster.

We strongly recommend that you do not fork over your hard-earned cash for the PWP program, nor any other program, system, or service advertised by this so-called Karl Dittman.

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