planned chances

Planned Chances is an “outcome modeling system” that uses several different Abundance and Law of Attraction-style techniques – as seen in films and books such as “The Secret” – to effect positive change in a person's life. Planned Chances also has an affiliate reselling opportunity for interested parties.

What Is Planned Chances?

There's no information on the Planned Chances website about the ownership of the company or where it's located. Also, the company's site registration reveals little besides the fact that it was founded in December of 2016, as the rest of the registration information has been anonymized.

Interestingly enough, while the site is in passable English, Alexa site analysis indicates that 100% of traffic to Planned Chances comes from the Ukraine. This may be where the company is located, but there's no way to know for sure.

Planned Chances Product

Planned Chances sells several different personal development modules that the company calls Chains of Events (CEs). There is a total of 17 different CEs to choose from, all focusing on far-ranging topics, from achieving personal and romantic success, finding a better job and handling money better, to conquering depression, insomnia, and even porn addiction.

Each Chain of Event retails for $57 through ClickBank. Every CE comes with a user guide and cheat sheet, a printable QE checklist, a QR code and mobile organizer, and unspecified additional support.

Planned Chances Opportunity

In addition to selling its CEs, Planned Chances also offers an affiliate earnings opportunity. While there is nearly no detailed information whatsoever on the program, Planned Chances offers 50% commissions on every affiliate sale, all handled through ClickBank.

Planned Chances Verdict

When it comes to Law of Attraction-style products, we've always expressed our difficulties in evaluating them. Planned Chances is no different, as the Chain of Event modules it sells are difficult to assign objective value to and instead only have subjective value.

However, our job isn't to determine if programs like Planned Chances work – that's well beyond the scope of this review. Instead, we will examine this opportunity through the lens of reselling Planned Chances' Chains of Event as an affiliate.

From what we've seen, we're not too enthusiastic about the marketability of Planned Chances. While the price of each Chain of Event isn't necessarily too expensive – and thanks to ClickBank are covered by a 60-day money back return policy – they just don't seem to be put together very professionally, from what we can tell. This could make selling these products as an affiliate an uphill battle.

Still, there may be room for Planned Chances, perhaps a part of a diversified marketing strategy on the part of an affiliate marketer looking for additional products. Even poorly-designed personal development products can provide income opportunities since the market is such an active one. Also, a 50% commission rate is relatively standard among ClickBank affiliates.

For our part, we would just caution any affiliates interested in marketing Planned Chances. Still, as long as you keep your expectations in line with reality, you shouldn't be in for any serious surprises when it comes to your ability to earn income as a Planned Chances affiliate.

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