poetic xchange

Poetic Xchange is a company that is geared towards women by offering hand-crafted jewelry.

What is Poetic Xchange?

The company is fairly new. It was created by two sisters. The founder and main designer is Patti Pagliei. Her sister Lizanne Pagliei is the brains behind the marketing for the company.

Poetic Xchange is based out of California, yet their merchandise is crafted in Bali and Bangil, East Java. For those uncertain exactly where Bangil is it is a district of Pasuruan Regency in Indonesia.

The site was registered June 2015 but the sisters have been working on the project since 2007. The site finally launched April 2016.

The Product

Poetic Xchange is all about “feel good” jewelry. Some of the items that are listed on the site range from $10 to $1,000.

Each item is hand-crafted from brass, silk, cotton, silver, resin, crystal, and leather. The idea behind the jewelry is to promote well-balanced and uplifting messages of love and kindness.

The products range from simple charms to earrings and necklaces as well as bracelets. You can even have them personalized to suit your tastes.

The Opportunity

Poetic Xchange offers you a way to earn money through hosting parties. When you first sign up to become an affiliate or what they like to call “Luminaries”, you have two packages to choose from.

The first is “The Flying Starter Kit” that costs $199. It comes with everything you need to host a successful party at home but is limited to what the kit includes as far as merchandise. Within “The Flying Starter Kit” you will get 6 charms, 3 write on charms, 3 chains, 1 bangle and 1 necklace. You will also receive all the business tools you need like brochures, invitations and order forms.

Plus you will get 2 jewelry pouches and 1 pillow box for displaying your merchandise. This package is noted to be worth $664.

The second kit is “New Heights” and costs $499.

This package is said to be valued at $1,589. Inside the kit you will receive 12 charms, 6 write on charms, 9 chains, 1 bangle and 1 necklace. Plus all the tools for the business and displaying your new merchandise.

As for the commissions each personal sale you make you will earn 35%. The company does offer bonuses that include free vacations and Poetic Xchange products.

The Verdict

Poetic Xchange isn't a scam in any shape or form. You are buying real products that can be marketed and resold.

The only downside to businesses like this is that you have to have a strong understanding of sales and marketing. It is one thing to have friends and family to sell to, but if that is as far as your reach goes, you aren't going to make very much.

All the products listed online look like they are of good quality. The fact that the company has a return policy of 30-days after purchase makes them really stand out amongst their competitors. They even have customer service to help you with any issues that arise.

While the company is focused on their niche, some of their items will be hard to resell. Another thing you should look at before jumping on board is the products themselves.

There are some pretty expensive pieces compared to the size. Some people may not want to buy a charm that is priced at $35.

One thing is certain, though, these ladies are making a statement. They provide health care, pension benefits, and holiday to their overseas workers. Plus they pay twice what the minimum wage is and vacation time. These ladies are really making a difference in their worker's lives.

Poetic Xchange is a company worth getting into, as long as you know what you are doing. Of course, before starting any new business you should have a strategy in place.

The compensation is great. There isn't a multi-level strategy or any recruiting that needs to be done. You work and share the product and you make the commission. It’s simple, elegant and a decent company to get involved with.

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