polygraph millionaire

The Polygraph Millionaire is a binary options trading platform that has recently come about that offers you high ROI. The site states that you can earn up to $2,000 or more a day if you invest in the program. This is the same thing that you have probably heard before, but does the Polygraph Millionaire live up to the hype?

What is Polygraph Millionaire?

The site was registered back in April 2015 and was updated March 2016. You can see that the site has a least been around for a year. However, according to Who.is, the site is set to private, so there is no real information on who actually owns and operates the website.

You will be given a name on the presentation video that states that Daniel Wilkinson is the creator of the software and owner of the site. According to Mr. Wilkinson, his program is 100% legit and will make you money by trading assets. Unfortunately, there isn't much evidence online that proves who Mr. Wilkinson is or if he is an actor just like the ones he is blasting through the introduction video.

What is a bit suspicious though is that when trying to discover who Mr. Wilkinson is, you may come across another site called “Lie Detector Millionaire.” The Lie Detector Millionaire website, as well as Polygraph Millionaire, uses the same people, same black, and white video and pretty much the same testimonies. It could be that the revamp in March 2016 was to rebrand the site as Polygraph Millionaire. The evidence sure seems to point to that being the case.

The Product

The Polygraph Millionaire system is a free trading platform. During the presentation, you will hear Mr. Wilkinson mention how he is just giving away his system because he wants to make amends for his past mistakes. The thing is though all binary option trading platforms are free. Businesses can't charge you to use the system. What they do charge you is per trading transaction, and that is exactly what Polygraph Millionaire does as well.

To start trading, you need to deposit around $250 into your account. Once that happens, the system has predetermined brokers who may or may not be licensed start making trades on your behalf. That is when you start to see your money dwindle down to nearly nothing because of bad trades.

The Verdict

Like all trading, there will be a risk. But you should know that there is not an automated program out there that can predict actual trades. There are far too many variables to take into consideration. But the algorithms and systems don't know these faults and will make the trades anyway. That is when you start losing your money.

You should know who the broker is that the company uses and make sure that they are regulated. If they aren't it is safe to say that trading with them will be a very high risk that you shouldn't take.

The fact that Polygraph Millionaire is the exact same system as Lie Detector Millionaire should speak volumes. The only thing that is different from one system to the next is the name. If you look at Lie Detector Millionaire, you find that everything from the video, testimonies, price, actors, everything is the exact same thing.

The people who brought you the Lie Detector Millionaire managed to make so much money from people that they decided to do it again with the same program. But they were lazy and didn't switch anything up. Then again, it could be that the owners are doing an A/B test for their site.

Either way, it would be wise to avoid this program as well as its predecessor. The claims that you can make $2,000 or more per day is just outlandish. And as the saying goes, “if it is too good to be true, it probably is.” Do you research before you invest any money with this system.

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