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Power Hashing Review

Power Hashing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that combines bitcoin mining and network marketing. It is undoubtedly a new type of company considering how new the concept of bitcoins and cryptocurrency is to our lexicon. The company pledges to use network marketing in a way that makes bitcoin mining a profitable venture, while also trying to educate people about bitcoins as a growing technology.


The Company

Power Hashing is a new company with no history and little information available. There is not even a verifiable founding date on the company, but it’s safe to say it came into being within the past year. The company’s website describes itself as a team of entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency experts, program developers, and network marketers coming together to create a simple business plan in a complex field. The website says Power Hashing is creating an opportunity for those with an interest in bitcoins to take advantage of being at the ground floor of the industry.

The company has a Facebook page that lists Power Hashing’s location as New Delhi, India. A search outside the Power Hashing website finds that the co-founder and owner of the company is Amit Jaiswal. However, little else can be determined about Jaiswal or Power Hashing.

The Product

Power Hashing does not offer any tangible products, which should be expected for a company that deals with cryptocurrency. All that the company offers is the opportunity to invest in bitcoin mining with the promise that you will receive a return on investment based on the success of the mining, as well as your success with network marketing and spreading the word about Power Hashing and its exploits in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Opportunity

Becoming a Power Hashing affiliate requires an investment between $100 and $10,000. The company pledges a return of investment with a 25-month timeframe. There are six different packages available for investors:

  • Alpha Package – $100 sign-up fee with 8% ROI
  • Beta Package – $800 sign-up fee with 8.5% ROI
  • Game Package – $1,000 sign-up fee with 9% ROI
  • Delta Package – $2,000 sign-up fee with 9.5% ROI
  • Zeta Package – $5,000 sign-up fee with 10% ROI
  • Sigma Package – $10,000 sign-up fee with 11% ROI

Power Hashing also offers referral commissions through a uni-level structure. Commissions are based on hashing points that are accumulated at each level, as each affiliate package comes with a certain amount of hashing points, ranging from 90 with the Alpha Package to 9,000 with the Sigma Package. Thus, higher commissions are paid out for recruiting new affiliates who make a larger investment. Reaching a targeted number of hashing points also pays out a milestone bonus. The first milestone is at 20,000 hashing points, with each milestone in increments of 10,000 all the way up to 70,000 points.

A Power Hashing affiliate will also receive a referral matching bonus for each member of their team, ranging from 10% match for a personally recruited member to a 1% match for levels 7 to 10. There is also an anniversary bonus available if an affiliates downline reaches $100,000 in investments within the first year of joining. This bonus is worth $2,000.

The Verdict

If you don’t have extensive knowledge of bitcoins and cryptocurrency in general, you have no business getting involved with Power Hashing. The act of bitcoin mining is too complicated for a laymen to understand, and not having this knowledge should be a deal breaker, even if you do have experience in network marketing.

Of course, even if you have knowledge of bitcoin mining, Power Hashing may not be a sound investment. There is no guarantee that bitcoin mining will create a profit for affiliates; instead, the company may use the money from new investors to pay the return on investment of those higher up in the chain. This puts the company at risk for collapse if recruitment were to slow down, which is inevitable, especially in a field that the general population is yet to fully grasp.

All signs point to Power Hashing being a scheme designed to dupe people who think bitcoins and cryptocurrency is the way of the future. The money required to join the company as an affiliate is not worth the risk, considering the likelihood of Power Hashing being a scam. This is a company to avoid at all costs.

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