Powerchute Review – Good Choice?

Powerchute, also known as Powerchute Pro, is a golf training device that promises to teach your body how to swing with more speed and more distance. Here’s our Powerchute review.

What is Powerchute?

Powerchute is a golf training device designed to improve the strength and power of your swing. The chute is a sail-like device that attaches itself to the back of your club’s shaft, creating wind resistance as you swing through the ball.

You place the Powerchute on your club when practicing – like on the driving range – and then take it off when you’re ready for a normal game of golf. Your body becomes accustomed to overcoming the resistance from the Powerchute. So when you swing without the Powerchute, you’ll naturally have a more powerful swing.

In a promotional commercial for the Powerchute, Jack Nicklaus and other professional golfers were seen using the Powerchute while being visibly impressed by the results. Nicklaus was able to increase club speed by over 5 miles per hour, which translates to 15 to 20 yards of additional distance on the course.

How Does Powerchute Work?

In the words of Powerchute’s manufacturer, the resistance of the chute:

“promotes proper sequencing, proper sequencing develops lag”, and “the combination of proper sequencing and lag is how you efficiently create club head speed through the hitting zone.”

Many golf instructors will tell you that proper sequencing and lag are two of the toughest things to teach any golfer. The Powerchute promises to make this training easy, giving you a smoother, more refined swing with more power.

Another key feature on the Powerchute is the swivel action of the sail: the sail will spin around and face the direction of your swing, so you always get even resistance as you swing through.

The Powerchute Pro itself has no virtually no weight or mass, so it won’t affect your swing path. Instead, it just complements your existing swing while making small corrections.

As the maker of the Powerchute explains, you don’t have to think about it: your body just does it.

Ultimately, these technologies make Powerchute “most effective swing trainer ever engineered to increase club head speed, guaranteed.” The makers of Powerchute claim you can get 20 extra yards in just minutes.

But Powerchute does more than just increase distance: the device also claims to help you hit the ball straighter. It forces you to swing “in a more ideal fashion” reducing unwanted cuts and fades.

Jack Nicklaus and Powerchute

Powerchute tested their device with Jack Nicklaus to see if they could improve the swing and power of the world’s greatest golfer of all time.

They claim their experience with Jack Nicklaus was an unpaid endorsement. In a promotional video, Nicklaus is seen practicing his normal swing on a golf training simulator where he can measure ball speed and distance. Then, he takes a few swings with the Powerchute attached to his club. He then removes the Powerchute from the club and takes one more swing, beating his previous fastest ball by 5.5 mph.

Later, Nicklaus praised the device for its ability to correct the right part of your swing – the bottom part of your swing where you contact the ball.

Other reviewers praise the device’s ability to make your body’s muscles work a little harder through the swing.

As Nicklaus explains, a 5.5mph increase in speed can lead to 10 to 20 more yards on the course – which is a significant advantage on any course.

Powerchute Pricing

Powerchute is available at several different price points. The more Powerchutes you buy, the more you’ll save per unit. Here’s how pricing works out:

  • 1 Powerchute Pro: $105
  • 2 Powerchute Pros: $178
  • 3 Powerchute Pros: $339
  • 5 Powerchute Pros: $520
  • 10 Powerchute Pros: $1040
  • 15 Powerchute Pros: $1380
  • 20 Powerchute Pros: $1780

By the time you’re ordering 20 Powerchute Pros, the price per unit has dropped down to $89. However, you can also get that same per-unit pricing by buying 2 Powerchute Pros for $178.

All purchases are made through PowerchutePro.com, which accepts all major credit cards. Your purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

In a press release from 2011, the company also announced that retail sales of the device were being pushed out in Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts, PGA Superstores, and other pro shops nationwide. However, at the time of writing, it appears that the Powerchute is only sold online through the official website.

Who Makes Powerchute?

Powerchute is made by a company that does business under the name Powerchute. That company is based at the following California address:

6965 El Camino Real #105-441
Carlsbad, CA 92009

You can get in touch with the manufacturer by calling (877) 976-9372.

A press release on Business Wire from Powerchute claims that the company “now has dozens of unpaid endorsements from PGA and LPGA professionals as well as from the current World Record holder for the longest drive.”

In that press release, the company’s contact person is listed as Jack Heath, although his role and title at the company is unclear. The company offers little information at its official website.

Should You Use the Powerchute Pro to Improve your Swing?

The Powerchute Pro is a sail-like device that uses wind resistance to improve your swing. The device corrects your swing while improving muscle resistance through your swing, which ultimately leads to a faster, more powerful swing after just a few minutes of training with the Powerchute Pro.

Perhaps the best endorsement of the Powerchute comes from Jack Nicklaus (who was not paid for his endorsement). Jack is seen using the Powerchute Pro to speed up his swing by 5.5mph, leading to an increase of 20 yards in distance on the course.

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the power and control of your golf swing, then the Powerchute Pro may be the easy-to-use training device you’ve been looking for.

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