Power of 3000 is a 2×5 crowdfunding matrix system that has you gifting funds to your upline. In return, your recruits sponsor you. According to the site, the Power of 3000 is non-profit, meaning that none of the funds you give out to the site administration and all is kept within your upline and downline.

While it is possible for you to make money with Power of 3,000, the question you should be asking is whether it is worth joining. There are hundreds of gift giving sites to pick from. What makes Power of 3,000 so different from the others? And can you really make money with the site?

What Is PowerOf3000.com?

According to Who.is, the site powerof3000.com was registered on February 15, 2017. The site is registered to Narender Singh with an address located in India.

When looking into the company you will be able to find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. You will also find an email address as well as a phone number. The number though is only valid through an app called “WhatsApp”.

WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows anyone from anywhere to get in touch with other people without a hefty phone bill.

While there isn't much information about Narender Singh, the site states that Power of 3000 is an opportunity for everyone to make money.

PowerOf3000.com Product

You will not find any retail products on the Power of 3000 website. Nor does the site offer any services. The only thing you can do as a member is promote the site and the membership which costs Rs.3000.

PowerOf3000.com Opportunity

The power of 3000 is a 2×5 matrix system. You simply pay your recruiter Rs.3000 and then go off and find two people to sign up under you. They in return find two people to sign up under them. Your downline can grow five levels deep allowing you to earn money from each person you have recruited. In order to move through the matrix, you need to continue to pay your upline.

The whole process starts with Rs. 3000 for level one. Level two has you paying Rs. 5000. For level three you will be required to pay Rs. 15,000 and so on. Level four requires you to gift your sponsor with Rs. 65,000. Finally, if you reach level five you have to pay Rs. 650,000.

While it seems like you are paying a lot for each level you get yourself into, the rewards are just as great. If you happen to fill every position in your downline and reach the highest level you are looking to earn Rs. 20,800,000 or $325,821.80.

PowerOf3000.com Verdict

When you join a gift giving site, you know that the money you send can't be refunded. It is important to realize this before signing up. Now the Power of 3000 is a gift giving site that uses India currency called Rupee instead of the United States dollar or crypto-currency.

You can easily tell that the site owners second language is English due to the words used out of context.  Besides it being an obvious system, Power of 3000 like all gift giving sites only work if you have a downline ready to go and sign up. Actually finding people to sign up under is difficult. So, if you don’t have people already in place, you will find making money with this site very difficult.

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