predictable income academy

Predictable Income Academy is a free webinar that teaches you tips and tricks to get people hyped about your network marketing company.


What Is Predictable Income Academy?

Tony Rush is the creator for Predictable Income Academy. He offers his students ways that they can duplicate what he has done to grow their own businesses. While there are so many different people online that will teach you pretty much the same methods, Tony goes about it in a no frills way. His advice and action plan sets you and your company up for success. Mr. Rush is an author and network marketer who can give you the insights to prospecting and how you can dominate your competitors.

The Predictable Income Academy isn't a quick way to make a buck. It isn't a plug and go system. It is about working hard and implementing his tactics that will set your business up in a short amount of time. Tony believes that his program will help you achieve your business goals. He also understands that it is eventually up to you to put what he teaches into practice.

The Product

The free webinar is great for everyone from beginners to experts who want to bump up their game.

Tony teaches you how to turn your business into a 6-figure monthly income and gaining prospects to help you build your income. With Tony's program, you don't have to chase down your prospects. He teaches you in the webinar why home parties and one on one is a waste of time.

The Predictable Income Academy is geared towards marketers who desire more money. It is not a webinar about how to pick your niche or company to invest in. It is specifically for those who are already in a marketing company and wants to learn how to boost their sales.

The training webinar is about 45 minutes long and filled with valuable information to help you.

Final Thoughts About Predictable Income Academy

First off, when you sign up to get into the webinar, you will notice that there is only few set times that you can join. If you wait for 15 minutes and go back, you will notice more times available. It turns out that this webinar is pre-recorded and looped every half an hour.

What Tony says seems to be spun material that has been duplicated time and again. His presentation is very slow going. Much of the webinar goes off topic and he even talks about watching a fly. He uses the “fly” as a metaphor for how you precise your business and bumping around aimlessly.  He spends 5 minutes explaining this metaphor.

Saying that the webinar is slow is an understatement and you may even find it hard to keep focused. Another thing you will notice is the chat box is looped. You will see the same people asking the same questions and comments throughout the presentation. So if you do have questions, they won't be answered.

The webinar is free, but time is money.  It is not worth sitting through to listen to him ramble about his life. You are there to learn, and he spends most of the time talking about himself and what he went through to get to where he is now.

Is Predictable Income Academy worth your time? No, it is not worth sitting through a slow going webinar for 1.5 hours. Predictable Income Academy says the webinar is only about 45 minutes, but it is much longer. You can get most of his information faster by google or by reading a marketing book.

Like other free webinars online, there is a surprise gift at the end of the presentation. This is a sale tactic to get you to purchase a product at a discounted price.

Tony may have a system that works but he never goes into detail about how to do it. Unless of course you buy his gift at the end of the presentation.

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