prime meridian enterprises

Prime Meridian Enterprises, or PME for short, is an affiliate car insurance and life insurance sales company. Affiliates – known as “independent lead generators” for the company are paid both direct and residual commissions for generating sales of PME products.

What Is PME?

There’s little to no information on the PME website regarding where the company is located or who owns it besides a street address and a separate mailing address for Johannesburg, South Africa.

Based on the information provided on the site regarding its “authorized financial service provider” number, independent research has traced ownership to two individuals – Dane Matthews and Daryl Mulder.

Meanwhile, conflicting information has since revealed that financial insurance MLM company DuePoint, also headquartered in South Africa, may own PME. This is based on DuePoint CEO Brendan Benfield’s statement to the effect on his listed bio on the DuePoint site.

PME Product

Products available from PME include both car insurance and life insurance, payable exclusively in South African Rand (ZAR). They include:

  • Prime MotorAssist – R49 ZAR monthly, includes roadside assistance, protection against minor dents and scratches, and warranty for mechanical and electrical components
  • Prime MotorThrift – R150 ZAR monthly, includes natural fire & disaster protection, accidental write-off, theft or hijacking, and up to R500,000 ZAR in 3rd party liability
  • Prime Motor Covergrow – R149 ZAR monthly, identical to Prime MotorThrift but also takes into account contributions, in part or full, to repair work done
  • Prime Living CoverGrow – R99 ZAR monthly, includes unexpected death as a result of permanent disability, as well as a diagnosis of terminal illnesses and accident protection
  • Prime Living Legacy – R95 ZAR monthly, identical to CoverGrow except for the inclusion of optional retrenchment & extended family protections and “honourable unveiling” benefits

PME Opportunity

The ability to earn income is tied directly to how many of these insurance policies a PME affiliate can sell. The breakdown is as follows:

  • R99 ZAR premium = R10 ZAR commission
  • R100 to 149 ZAR premium = R12.50 ZAR
  • R150 to 199 ZAR premium = R17.50 ZAR
  • R200 to 249 ZAR premium = R22.50 ZAR
  • R250 to 299 ZAR premium = R27.50 ZAR
  • R300 to 349 ZAR premium = R32.50 ZAR
  • R350 to 399 ZAR premium = R37.50 ZAR
  • R400 to 449 ZAR premium = R42.50 ZAR
  • R450 to 499 ZAR premium = R47.50 ZAR
  • R500 to 599 ZAR premium = R55 ZAR
  • R600 to 699 ZAR premium = R65 ZAR
  • R700 to 799 ZAR premium = R75 ZAR
  • R800 to 899 ZAR premium = R85 ZAR
  • R900 to 999 ZAR premium = R95 ZAR
  • R1000 to 1499 ZAR premium = R125 ZAR
  • R1500 to 1999 ZAR premium = R175 ZAR
  • R2000 to 2999 ZAR premium = R250 ZAR

All premiums are monthly payments.

PME also offers three tiers of downline commissions, with direct recruits providing 50% commission payments, level 2 recruits 25%, and level 3 recruits 12.5%.

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