Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator is a recently-released matched betting system that claims average people just like you can earn thousands of pounds through matched betting. Here’s our Profit Accumulator review.

What is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is a matched betting system created by a 23-year old college kid from the UK named Sam Stoffel.

Sam used matched betting to fund his university education. And now, he wants to share his matched betting secrets with the world. In exchange for £17.99 per month, you join Profit Accumulator and receive access to over 100 bookmaker bonuses.

Those “bookmaker bonuses” are the lifeblood of your matched betting career. They explain where there’s a profit to be made and where you can leverage the power of matched betting.

By taking advantage of all 100 of these offers, Sam claims you can earn “up to £2000 each month”.

Ultimately, you’re paying Sam to find bookmaker bonus offers and send those offers to members of his network.

You also receive access to a tutorial area where Sam teaches you the basics of matched betting – which is useful if you’re a total beginner. The site promises to be accessible to those who are totally new to matched betting – as well as more experienced matched betters who are tired of searching for bookmaker bonuses on their own.

How Does Profit Accumulator Work?

Will Profit Accumulator actually earn you thousands of pounds per month? Well, the concept behind Profit Accumulator and other matched betting systems is easy to grasp. Here’s how it works:

-Sam finds a bookmaker bonus offer and lets his network know about the offer. A sample bookmaker bonus offer could be £50 in free cash after making one bet with that bookmaker.

-You sign up for that bookmaker and make a bet. Once that bet is complete, then you’ll earn the bonus offer in free cash.

-Now it’s time to “match” your bet: you make a bet at another bookmaker site that goes in the opposite of your first bet. Ideally, that bet will have identical odds.

-The idea is that you’ll break even on the first bet no matter which outcome happens (you’ll lose your bet on one bookmaker and win on the other). Then, you’ll have the free bonus money left over as a profit.

-Profit Accumulator frequently calls itself as “risk-free way to make money” .When you implement the above steps correctly, then that’s 100% true.

-If you’re wondering what the catch is with matched betting, then I’ll tell you two of the main problems. First, bookmakers are well aware of this “loophole” and will often require you to make dozens of bets before withdrawing your “free” money. These bookmakers also charge fees and commissions that chip away at your already narrow profit margins.

As long as you understand the restrictions, there’s no reason why you can’t earn an income with Profit Accumulator. All you really need is a bit of spare time and a computer with an internet connection. You don’t need to know anything about sports, gambling, or making money online.

Above, we described how to make money with matched betting through Profit Accumulator. But the site also has one more unique feature: you can earn more money online by completing additional bonus offers that have nothing to do with matched betting.

Those additional offers include things like online games, online gambling sites, bingo sites, and similar sites. Sam gets paid an affiliate commission when you sign up for these sites, and then he sends a bit of the commission to you.

For that reason, Profit Accumulator gives you two ways to make money online.

How to Join Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator has two membership levels: free and platinum. Here’s how the prices break down:

Free Trial

-£0 (no credit card required)

-Receive two bookmaker bonuses

-Earn up to £45

Platinum (Paid Monthly)

-£17.99 per month

-Over 100 bookmaker bonuses

-New reload offers available every day

-Earn up to £2000 per month

Platinum (Paid Yearly)

-£115 per year

-Over 100 bookmaker bonuses

-New reload offers available every day

-Earn up to £2000 per month

If you pay for Profit Accumulator monthly, then you’ll end up paying £215.88 over the course of an entire year – so you can save a significant amount of money by paying annually.

When you subscribe to Profit Accumulator’s platinum plans, you’ll receive instant access to a members’ area as well as a tutorial section. You can talk to other matched betters online through the members’ area or you can just read through tutorials and follow along with Sam’s videos.

Profit Accumulator Refund Policy

Profit Accumulator has a surprisingly generous refund policy. Here’s how Sam describes that policy:

“If you decide at any point during the first 30 days that matched betting is not for you and you haven't made a profit, I will give you your money back, with no objections.”

The guarantee gets even better if you give Profit Accumulator an honest try after a full 60 days and decide it’s not for you (or you don’t make a profit):

“If you actively attempt the offers we suggest and follow our advice for a full 60 days and don’t manage to make a profit, I will give you £100 cash. That's just my way of saying “thank you” for trying it out.”

Conclusion: Who Should Join Profit Accumulator?

Sam recommends Profit Accumulator to anyone who wants to earn a bit of extra income online. He claims his biggest customers are students, single moms, full time workers, busy professionals, and graduates (he also claims he has over 5,000 members).

It’s also important to remember that Profit Accumulator is only going to work for residents of the United Kingdom (the matched betting offers are all specific to UK-based bookmakers).

Finally, there’s an unconfirmed report that the price for Profit Accumulator will increase to £22.99 per month and £150 per year starting in September 2015. If you’re going to join, then now may be the time.

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