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It has become apparent that the state of the United States Dollar is coming to an end. Is your family prepared for its fall? Do you have a backup plan that will ensure that no matter what happens, you and your family will be protected? That is where Project Prophecy comes in and helps you gain a better understanding of your finances.

project-prophecyWhat Is Project Prophecy?

Project Prophecy predicts that an unavoidable collapse of the United States dollar is imminent and that people should find alternative ways to secure their finances. Project Prophecy was created to inform the public of a possible “Great Depression” that could be coming soon and disclose a financial strategy to help them build a security nest egg right now.

Project Prophecy is an action plan for people to take their finances into their own hands. The Project Prophecy 2.0 Action Plan is a hands-on approach that is backed by years of study and research to find the trends that could possibly lead to the dollar's collapse. If stocks and bonds are something that interests you, then they are well worth checking out to see if they can help you grow your portfolio. What you get with the Project Prophecy 2.0 Plan is:

* The New York Times best-selling book, “The Death of Money: The Collapse of the International Monetary System”. This book goes into great detail about how and why the dollar will collapse, not just for the United States, but globally.

* An unpublished chapter of “The Day After Plan Declassified” that was too controversial to add to the original book “The Death of Money.”

* A video series entitled: “The Death of Money Digital Debriefing” that will examine and point out the different signs that are relevant to the dollar collapsing. The video series is designed to help people analyze their investment portfolios and adjust their allocations so that if the dollar fails, it won't be devastating.

* A Wealth Defense Blueprint: The Defense Blueprint explains why it is important to find companies with stocks that have hard assets escape plans into their business models so they won't fall when the economy collapses and how you can utilize those stocks to secure your finances.

* A Watch List: This is a well-researched list of stocks that can break the bank and will soon fail. The list is designed in a way to help you see the stocks fall and to sell before you are stuck with them and they become worthless.

* Hard Assets and Personal Finance Playbook: The point of this book is to help you find companies and assists that are secure and won't topple over in the coming years. This alone is well worth checking out to make sure you are investing in the right companies and stocks to help boost your personal portfolio and save for retirement.

Final Thoughts About Project Prophecy

While Project Prophecy comes off as being a bit too harsh and resembles somewhat of a conspiracy theory thrown in a blender with fear tactics, it is a great guide to help you analyze what stocks you have in place and how to become more self-aware of that is happening in the world today. For anyone interested in securing their stocks and bonds, it is well worth the read.

The best part is that it is free to gain all the information, but it should be viewed and perceived with rose colored glasses. It isn’t that Project Prophecy is a scam, it’s not. But they could have presented the material in a friendlier light than presenting the information by means of invoking fear that the dollar will collapse any day now. With all the different information that is given in the Project Prophecy 2.0 plan, even if you do think that it is a bit out in left field, you will learn a lot and how to find better investments and secure your future.

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