What is Prüvit?

Just Prüvit or just do it? With a tagline of go ahead, prove it, let's see what they have to offer and bring to the table promoting themselves as being a True Cloud Technology.
Pruvit Ventures LLC is ketones all grown up and ready for the slickest market (i.e. no hokey pitches here, just a very nice website).  Offering ketone supplementation in powdered form to mix into drinks, Pruvit combines an unusual marketing angle with bucketloads of science to create an MLM opportunity that's currently in Pre-Launch phase.

Let's see what it's all about and tentatively review Pruvit to see if they have what it takes to make it in this over-populated network marketing industry.

The ‘Just Pruvit' Company

Based out of Melissa, Texas, Pruvit Ventures LLC is the brainchild of Terry Lacore, Brian Underwood, and Chris Harding.  According to Corporation Wiki, Brian Underwood and Mr. Lacore are also involved together with Zagify, Inc, a venture they started in 2012.  Mr. Lacore is associated with dozens of ventures in Texas, including Bhip Global, Inc. Tic Energy Group LC, and American Mortgage Protection LLC.

Bhip Global makes a wellness drink called “Purple +” as well as other drinks to fix whatever's ailing you in your life.  Seems these guys have a formula down and they aim to capitalize on the energy drink/MLM idea while it's hot.  No problems there, only it shows dedication to business rather than a passionate dedication to a particular product.  Mortgages, energy drinks…what's the product of the moment?  Want to believe in your company, its products and the vision of its owner?  Looking for lifelong dedication to a concept, a miracle ingredient, or a niche industry?

Not here- this is business, pure business, from what I can tell.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Prüvit Products

There is much emphasis on the official Pruvit website that your body contains ketones.  OK, but does that mean I should be paying  upwards of $140 a month for Keto-OS, their flagship product?

It seems they have developed a 59 minute test that can prüv your body contains ketones with their KetoStix (ketone urine-testing strips). This is combined with their 8 days, 8 steps N8TIVE OS-ZONE Prüvit recipes

Pruvit asks people to buy a ketone-measuring urine test at the drugstore and pee on a stick to prove there are ketones in the body.  Oh- you must drink some keto-os first.  Well, I hate to break it to you, but anything can be washed away in your urine.  In fact, isn't the test simply proving that you're buying a supplement that's simply being flushed out?  I'm no scientist but that's what it seems like.  Besides, I don't know what it proves…how has the human race got along all these millennia without ketone supplements, if they're so necessary?

Pruvit does actually provide an overwhelming number of scientific references on ketones, to their credit.  They apparently can do everything.  Take a look at what the research claims:

  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • Improve Physical Performance
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Cancer Fighting

Ironically, we just reviewed Ketopia and they are along the same lines and messages of the importance of ketosis and ketones in the body for health and longevity.

Pruvit just released a Full Keto-OS FAQ for people to get more information behind the product.

Prüvit Partners Compensation Plan

Since Pruvit is in pre-launch right now, all team commissions you might make until launch will be held by Pruvit until they're ready to dole it out.  What you get is credit for your residual volume rewards.  And what are those rewards?

Sell Prototype Packs ($350) to new members and earn.  Residual income is made on three levels as such:

  1. 1st level referrals: $120 per VIP signed up
  2. 2nd level referrals: $30 per VIP
  3. 3rd level referrals: $10 per VIP

Right now, it's a push to gather VIPs, rather than to sell product to the mass market.  Get five people in and you make $600…if the company folds before it ever launches well I guess you're SOL.  If you do happen to sell product, customer commission structure looks like this:

  1. 1st level sales: 40%
  2. 2nd level sales: 10%
  3. 3rd level sales: 5%

Not bad, considering this Pruvit stuff is not bargain-priced.  However, that makes the sting of required Authoship that much worse.

The Verdict

Maybe I'm getting spoiled, reading about MLM companies advancing into this new era of trust, vision, DSA membership, and authenticity.  I'm now accustomed to ventures run by passionate people who've stuck with a single business idea for years, and finally got it right with the social selling and now their passion and vision are paying off.

You know: companies you can truly believe in, and imagine you're working for a benevolent organization (they give to charity, they are DSA members, have a foothold in the general retail market, etc).  Something about Pruvit just seems unoriginal and bandwagon-ey.  Could it be the long history of “ventures” the owners have been involved with, including mortgages?  Could it be the amazingly high prices for this product?  Yes and yes.

If you want to do more research about this up and coming company, you can visit any 3 of the official Pruvit website. We were granted access to the Pruvit system and are allowed to bring in 5 new people that want to check out the product and system.

If you would like to be one of those 5 or just want to see more about the company, leave a comment below with your email address and we will send over the information.

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  1. Hi there I am in Australia and would like to try this product if possible just not sure how to get it here thanks

  2. Karen,

    We currently aren’t shipping to Australia but you could order it and have it shipped to you through who your signed up with. You can reach me to further discuss this.

  3. Interesting, like all these diet programs and products, seeing is believing, and when I saw the ketone urine test strip show results, that was what I wanted to see. But like many, so is it a fact we are just seeing ketones in our urine, and are simply seeing a temporary situation?

    Well, I wanted to see if it was getting into the blood, so I did the blood test strip and yes, once again, the ketone level went up, and since it does nothing unless in your blood, not urine, I got more interested.

    A good friend lost 43 lbs. which floored me knowing we had both struggled with belly fat and have tried everything on the market with no success. I lost 11 lbs. so far, so like I said, seeing is believing, and since I chose not to alter diet or workouts at all just to see, I am more impressed than ever. Time will tell as it always does with weight loss products. It all starts with the product in my evaluations, not the comp. plans.

  4. Why is this product so expensive? If it is so good for you then it shouldn’t be so expensive. More people would use it if it wasn’t so expensive. Just seems to me like everything else this product is for rich people.

  5. I just ordered some in the uk. looking forward to getting it as I have read a lot about it. I tried the atkins diet years ago and that worked. when you sign up you get 5 invites to give other people as well until it goes public. Should be ready to start my first course next week. Need to lose 25lbs.

  6. Contact me for invite. I’ll put you in my powerline. We have an extremely powerful online marketing team 🙂

  7. If anyone is interested I am a VIP member and can get anyone signed up that wants to. Send your email to my my email or text my phone with your name and email and you can either get signed up by the 31st and also become a VIP member and can send 5 invites or you can request info and sign up at September 1st if you have no desire and want to just take this amazing product.

  8. Katie,

    We just sent over some information. Keep an eye out for an email from us: “(I am BETTER)” – It may have landed in a junk box by accident. Let us know what you think of it.

    — Players Money

  9. I am very interested in this and would love some additional information/ability to become a VIP. Thanks!

  10. here is my company web site for the pruvit ketone product which gets you into ketosis in hours of drinking and helps with weight loss, energy and many other things

  11. I really like the product so far, but am highly suspect of the MLM business model. What else do you know about the company or the principals?

  12. If interested, I can assist with getting you signed up as a VIP. I recently signed on myself as an investment and began taking the product 6 days ago. Appetite suppression is what has affected me. Please let me know if I can help.

  13. Hello,
    I also hope it comes to Belgium. I am very interested. But What i don’t understand is that it is pattended by Pruvit and that another company called fOREVERGREEN also have KETOPIA that is similar to Keto -OS and they also said it is pattended. Al by the same university of South Florida?

  14. I am an endurance cyclist and can tell you the product is Pruving itself to me. I have many personal records on course and segments we time as riders locally. Also feel great- have been putting results and videos of results on FB. Many of my friends have also had similar results and the few that needed to lose weight have begun that process.

    So far I am a BIG fan and look forward to seeing where we take this. I got in as a VIP and have been bringing others along daily due to results based evidence.

    Hope this helps,

  15. Gila,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. If you want more information, you can see a breakdown on their Company Website.

    Let us know what you think. It is becoming more and more popular. This COULD be one of the hottest products of 2015 if it keeps selling like it is. The ability to show that it is working in 59 minutes or less is really making the Pruvit KETO-OS product popular.

  16. Everyone is entitled to heir opinion and they all have the right to make a decision on whether or not to try this product. I am a VIP member because I BELIEVE in this product. I have dealt with low energy and obesity all of my life. I have been on this product for right at 2 weeks and guess what, I play with my kid. I play baseball, chase, basketball, whatever he wants to do. If this were the only thing I got out of this product I would be happy with it!!! I also feel amazing, don’t crave stupid fattening foods, cookies no longer whisper to me and I am dropping pounds! I chose to try keto//os and I also to choose to share it with others and continue to take it myself.

  17. I would love to buy this product, but cannot checkout or complete my payment without an invite code or web id. Please send me one of these items,(either the invite code or the web id) along with the website link where I can buy it, to my email please at the earliest.


  18. I was a previous rep distributor for another company that’s product delivered based on cellular delivery. This product is 10X better and we’ll worth the investment!!! I love Prüvit!!! Contact me for info.

  19. Do you ship to Canada? And can anyone tell me the difference between this and ketosis other than price. Ketosis is far more money and only 10 days….I am interested in the product but would love to know the difference please.

  20. I am very happy with this product. I saw where a person was doing this and the keto diet
    Is that safe and necessary

  21. I LOVE this product!! I started my healthy lifestyle change in March. I started working out and eating better. I had hit a plateau and was unable to get past it. I started taking Pruvit Keto-os two weeks ago and my plateau is OVER. I have lost those few stubborn pounds that would not go away as well as have tons of energy now. I am so excited. My husband is now taking this as well and he is starting to see muscle definition that he was previously unable to get with his workout sessions. IF your interested in tring the product just clink on the link here.
    I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

  22. I’m intested in learning more about this. I just ordered the 3 day sample pak for $16.20.

    I thought you had to do some intermittent fasting, or low carb diet (30 to 50g) per day to get yourself into ketosis after a few weeks. Seems like that would save you about $5 a day vs staying on this KETO//OS program.

    So please send additional info on checking out this expensive product. Thank You! BLove

  23. What is the ingredient’s in this product . I want to start but have to bring the ingredients list to my heart dr. he wants to see it before I start.

  24. Hi, Can you please send me information on how I sign up/purchase the Keto OS product?
    I am in Brisbane, Australia.



  25. Hi, I’m from australia and really interested in the product. Does anyone know when it will be available here or how I can get my hands on it? can someone send me more details on product, how to sign up and the costs please. Thanks kindly

  26. Carrie, Belinda, and Sharon I would be happy to help you ladies out! Anyone interested in more infor for that matter! 😉 I am a “pruver” and would love to help you ladies get your product and business started in Australia!

    Penny the ingredients are MCT powder (multi-chain triglyceride), BHB (beta-hydroxybuterate), natural flavor, malic acid, and stevia. There is one with and one without caffeine. 🙂 if you need a picture of the back label with ingredients I would be happy to share just contact me via fb or email. 🙂

  27. I was VERY skeptical, but it is doing wonders with energy, weigh loss, and carb cravings! Right now, you can get 60 sachets for 200.00 if you sign up as a promoter (free). You do have to buy one of the packs and then the special will pop up. This is before you have to pay so you can see exactly what you would be getting.
    Good luck!

  28. It’s amazing!! I wish the moderate would let any type of contact info through! I am on fb and those of you looking for info or codes are more than welcome to message or add me! I would be happy to help! 🤗

  29. Am I the only one who has had a negative response? I am almost grain free already, and my urine strips never really showed true deep purple. Only moderate at best. Not only that, I experienced extreme bloating and irritability. Now that I’ve been off the product for a month or so I used some of my urine strips just to see. They are showing the same as they were with the “miracle drink” keto os.

    I’ve been following along on their private facebook pages and many of the “pruvors” have also changed their diet a great deal. So is it the drink or change in eating habits that are really helping? I know my theory. I’ll save my $100/month and keep eating the way I have been for the past 5 years (nearly grain free, organic, whole foods) and keep feeling great!

  30. The benefit of endogenous ketones is merelt that they INDICATE using fat for fuel. With exogenous ketones, the only fat you burn is the fat you eat. Cheaper and more effective to skip a few meals.

  31. Hello,

    I would like to receive some additional information as well. Interested in learning more and looking into a long term choice.

  32. Why is it that people only comment on the ones that want to try it and not the ones who have ligament questions.. that makes me unsure!!! Would love to try but I’m a single mom on a low income… can not afford 500.00 that’s more than half my rent…

  33. Hi everyone

    I’ve been on the supplement for a long time now and feel terrific…I’ve lost a significant amount of weight as well…!!!

    I’m in Canada and while there are some logistical challenges, getting the product here, it can be done…if anyone needs any help or some suggestions just let me know and I would be happy to lend a hand…because…it’s worth taking, even with the high exchange rate and additional shipping costs…!!!

  34. My wife and I have been with this company since its launch. Both of us use the product not just promote it. The results are amazing. The Benifits are more than worth the cost offset. The science is proven and documented. This product has the ability to help almost everybody. We would love to help anyone who would like more information.

  35. If you want to learn more about Keto OS.. There are useful videos to get a better understanding of what it is and you can order there. I would suggest at least a 15 day supply. I really felt some great benefits around the two week point…mental clarity, focus and shaved off about 8 pounds…felt great and still do.

  36. Ever since I heard about Keto OS I’ve become very interested in ketogenics and the science behind it. Its lovely seeing all the positive testimonials.

  37. It’s an amazing product. I can only say it’s giving me my life back. That’s says something. I feel better than I have in 20 years and am dancing around the office. My Co=workers are asking questions. Everyone I have seen had different results. Everyone so far has been positive. I have been asked to join several MLM opportunities and have never jumped till now. I spent the weekend at the lab in Texas and with other Pruvers and only when I got home decided I had to get in. This being the age of social network and being active on Facebook I figure why not …. I truly believe in the product.

  38. I started using it and got really bad muscle spasms on my head with headaches on the third day and returned the unused packs. Its been a over a week now and still getting really bad muscle spasms on the left side of my head. I have never had any history of headaches like this before. If it was not the Pruvit causing this then I would say it sure is really bad timing to start getting these muscle spasms at the exact same time. Was very bummed after hearing how great the product was and that it even cured migraine headaches, instead I got them.

  39. I have had an amazing personal experience with this.

    It’s expensive, however if you share your experience and the product, you can easily get it to pay for itself with referrals. I also haven’t wanted to drink at night to unwind, and that pays for itself in bottles of wine alone!

    With a 30 day money back option, there’s really nothing to lose.

  40. I love the product and enjoy the community that surrounds me as we are able to get better health to everyone! With my M.S. in Bio from NYU, stumbling upon this product has revamped my interest in the idea of metabolic flexibility and is pushing me to further my career in the sciences.

    Shoot me an email if interested!

  41. Why is this product so expensive? If it is so good for you then it shouldn’t be so expensive. More people would use it if it wasn’t so expensive. Just seems to me like everything else this product is for rich people.

    No one has answered this question. Why is that? You all can’t come up with a decent answer to Mary’s question?


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