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In this day and age, everyone is looking for a way to get back to nature and live a healthier lifestyle. Pure Haven Essentials is a company that offers several products from beauty regiments to household cleaners and more that are safe for you and safer for the environment.

What Is Pure Haven Essentials?

Pure Haven Essentials started out as a family trying to get rid of the harmful chemicals in their own household, and now has grown to a full-fledged business that empowers and helps thousands of people “Go green”.

Pure Haven Essential headquarters in located in Rhode Island, United States and tests each and every product to ensure only the best wholesome ingredients are used. Each product is mixed by hand and in small batches to guarantee that each item that goes to the market is safe, and free from carcinogens, toxicity, and is free from GMO.

Pure Haven Essentials has brought to the market several products that men and women use daily that are tested and retested making sure only the purest ingredients are used to create their product line.

So, what exactly what products does Pure Haven Essential offer?

Skin Essentials: If you are looking for a clean, healthier appearance that will help reduce fine lines to acne, Pure Haven Essentials for skin is right up your alley. They offer products from eye cream to moisturizing mask. Everything is GMO-free and is only made with the best ingredients to ensure what you are putting on your face is natural.

Body Essentials: When it comes to outer appearance, Pure Haven Essentials has you covered with Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps and even toothpaste.

Hair Essentials: To get your hair looking and feeling its absolute best, Pure Haven Essential has products that will detangle and style your locks.

Baby Essentials: Pure Haven Essentials has everyone in the family covered, including babies. They offer products that are a healthier alternative than using regular store bought brands to help keep your baby fresh and clean while being chemical free.

Kid's Essentials: Kids will stumble and fall, and it is a part of life. Pure Haven Essentials has a product that will help with the bumps and falls that most kids endure while growing up. Plus they also have kid's toothpaste to keep their teeth healthy and clean before switching over to adult toothpaste and detangler to help control their morning hair.

Home Essentials: Home is where the heart is and Pure Haven Essentials provides products to keep the home clean and chemical free.

Men's Essentials: For some reason, other company's don't provide products for men, but Pure Haven Essentials is different. They have products especially for men like aftershave cream and beard balm.

* Face Essentials: For women, you don't have to use store bought cosmetics as Pure Haven Essentials has eyeliner, mascara and lip balm to keep you looking beautiful.

* Oil Essentials: Many people are becoming more aware of the effects of essentials oils and how they can help elevate many different ailments. Pure Haven Essentials offers a wide range of oils that will help with the common cold, to irritation and so much more.

* Spa Essentials: After a long day, relax and unwind with one of their many different spa essentials. Soak in a hot bath with the lavender bath soak or feel vibrant with their pink grapefruit sugar body scrub.

Pure Haven Essentials Opportunity

Pure Haven Essentials is a brand with a mission. They want to help people get back to nature and live healthier lifestyles, but they need people to help spread the word. There are two ways for someone to get products.

1) Host a party and receive free products based on the amount the sales the party generates.

2) Become a sale consultant and earn 30% – 50% on all personal sales. If you sell less than $1000 in a month you will receive 30% of your sales. If you are a go-getter and pull in $4000 and have four people or more in your downline, you will get 50% of sales.


If you decide to become a consultant, Pure Haven Essentials provides free training, technology tools and ample resources to help get your business off and running. You don't have to worry about holding inventory as everything is ship on demand. To start you will need to purchase the “Business Kit”.

The Business Kit costs $99.00 to start. What is included in the kit?

* Moisturizer

* Toner

* Exfoliator

* Cleanser

* makeup remover

* Eye cream

* Hyaluronic Acid

* Night Serum

* Spray Deodorant

* Toothpaste

* Boo-Boo Stick

* Single Balm

* Geranium Lime Body Oil

* Lip Gloss

* Monster Spray

* Baby Cream

* Hand and Body lotion

* Citrus Body Butter

* Host Exclusive Mini Body Set

* Logo Bag

* Catalogs

* Order forms

* Flyers

* Flip Chart

* Brochures

* Welcome Folder

Basically everything you will need to get set-up and start hosting parties. That is after all what this company is all about. Hosting parties and meeting people face to face.


If you decided you want to host a party, the more people you have at the party, the more rewards you get. If your party brings in $200 or more you get $25 of free product and 30% discount on other products. If your party brings in $300 or more you get $40 of free product. However, if the party you host brings in $1,000 or more you get $200 of free product and 50% discount once your free spending money has been maxed out. Not bad for helping others learn how to get back to nature and live healthier lifestyles.

Last Word About Pure Haven Essentials?

Pure Haven Essentials is a legit MLM company that will pay you to help others find alternative products that are safe and cleaner than what is available in stores.

Pure Haven Essential pays weekly which is a plus as far as getting paid and keeping the sales consultant motivated to keep spreading the word.

Although some people may not like doing business face to face, the company does allow for online parties to be hosted through Facebook and other social media outlets. The pay is reasonable and the company has an honest mission. Is it shady? No, not by a long shot. Will you make money? Absolutely. With the right motivation and determination, you can make money while offering your customers a legit way to keep their families healthy by using all natural products.

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