q profit system

The QProfit System is an automated investment trading algorithm that uses “quantum speed” to provide minimum daily profits of $2500, according to the promotional video, all for no cost to the user. The truth, of course, is that QProfit System likely does nothing of the sort.

What Is Q Profit System?

QProfit System was supposedly developed by Jerry Douglas, a former financial analyst with Goldman & Sachs, and a former NASA scientist named Sascha Petroshenko. Unfortunately, neither of these two individuals actually exist; the “Jerry Douglas” that narrates QProfit System’s promotional video is a paid actor.

The registration data for QProfit System doesn’t reveal the true owner of the site or company, either. Instead, the only thing that’s revealed is that the website was registered in July of 2017 through a private domain registration service.

In other words, QProfit System isn’t being truthful when it comes to who created the company. Additionally, there’s no way of knowing who’s behind QProfit System in any way – a major red flag.

Q Profit System Product

The QProfit System product takes the form of “free access” to an advanced Forex trading algorithm that is supposedly 95% accurate. Using this system will allegedly make automated Forex trading possible and profitable, with claims of a minimum of $2500 a day in profits.

Access to the software is, indeed, free; however, in order to trade on the Forex markets you will need to provide your own money (surprise, surprise). This requires opening an account with an online broker – one that’s partnered with QProfit System.

Q Profit System Opportunity

The opportunity presented by QProfit System is one in that you can, allegedly, create massive amounts of passive income by using an automated Forex trading bot. However, if this opportunity is too good to be true, that’s because it is – read below for our analysis.

Q Profit System Verdict

QProfit System is undoubtedly a massive scam.

First, we have the glaring fact that the “creators” of this piece of software, Jerry Douglas and Sascha Petroshenko, don’t exist. There was never anyone by those names working at Goldman & Sachs or NASA, contrary to the claims made by the paid actor portraying Douglas.

Second, the fact that an automated trading bot that’s 95% accurate is, frankly, patently ridiculous. Even the most advanced trading algorithms have trouble approaching anything close to 75% to 80% accuracy in their predictions.

Finally, any Forex trading bot that actually is that accurate would never, ever be provided to random people on the internet for free.

So what’s happening here? It’s much more likely that QProfit System is acting as a recruitment funnel for a fly-by-night online Forex broker. For every sucker that QProfit convinces to sign up with and deposit money into this broker, the company likely gets a big, fat referral fee. Meanwhile, anyone trying to rely on QProfit System soon finds that the trading bot is worthless and no more accurate than flipping a coin.

Don’t fall into this “free trading algorithm” trap. It’s a common online scam, one that’s going to separate you from your cash in a hurry.

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