quantum memory system

Quantum Memory System is an eBook created by a brain specialist from California. Find out how Quantum Memory System improves your cognitive ability today in our review.

What is Quantum Memory System?

Quantum Memory System is a cognitive health supplement system created by a guy named Tom Adler (Tom later reveals that he’s using a fake name, and refuses to disclose his real identity online). In any case, Tom describes himself as a “brain specialist from Sacramento, California” who was “forced to retire right when he was about to publish the biggest medical breakthrough of the century.”

Like many eBooks sold online today, Quantum Memory System claims that “big pharma” and the “medical industry” conspires to keep cognitive health supplements from the market. Sales of Vyvanse, Adderall, and other cognitive drugs add up to billions of dollars in revenue every year.

Tom, however, is putting his own life at risk to bring a new cognitive supplement to your attention. Instead of relying on expensive, dangerous, pharmaceutical drugs, Quantum Memory System wants to give you an herbal supplement that “can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your brain”.

The eBook essentially works like a recipe book. It teaches you foods you can use to increase your brainpower, as well as nootropic stacks you can make to alter your brain chemistry.

How Does Quantum Memory System Work?

Quantum Memory System gest surprisingly racist, really quickly, with its cognitive health supplement eBook. The author of the eBook posts a link to this map, which shows IQ distributions around the world.

That map is entirely made up, by the way, as we could find no sources or other information about this map available online using Google image search. It’s been posted on a few racist spam-style websites, but does not appear to be based on anything close to “facts” or “data”.

Nevertheless, the creator of Quantum Memory System treats that map as if it was factual.

Tom uses the map to describe how people in certain countries are inferior to others. The map claims that Australians have the lowest IQ in the world (average IQ of 62), followed closely by most of Africa. The United States and South America both have an average IQ of 85, while Canadians have an average IQ of 90. Leading the way on this ridiculous map, however, are Europe (average IQ of 100) and China (average IQ of 105).

Here’s the conclusion the author makes about that map:

“As it turns out, studies concluded that the highest percentage of intelligent people are scattered in specific regions of the Globe …And that people from East Asia score higher on intelligence tests, social stature and success in life.”

Tom claims that he called up an “old college buddy who does a lot of research” (seriously, that’s his description). He asked that college buddy why people from Asia and Europe were cognitively superior to the rest of the world. The college buddy identified one hormone that has a great influence on mental performance. Tom calls it Hormone X and claims it makes the brain work better.

With that in mind, Quantum Memory System promises to teach you how to raise levels of this mysterious Hormone X in your body, giving you better brain power.

Benefits of Quantum Memory System

Quantum Memory System claims to cure your cognitive problems. Tom claims he first tested his “super cocktail” on a 48 year old man named Michael Klein. Michael had cognitive problems – until Tom cured him using his cocktail.

Tom claims he repeated his success with a 39 year old woman with cognitive issues named Mary Dean. Inspired by his success testing his cures on random people with cognitive issues, Tom turned his scientific eye to a 21 year old college student named Craig who was failing all his exams.

Tom eventually cured all of these people with his “super cocktail”. It’s unclear how Tom found these people, or why he was okay with pushing weird cocktails onto individuals with cognitive problems. In any case, Tom clearly violated some unwritten rules of scientific ethics.

What Will You Learn through Quantum Memory System?

Quantum Memory System teaches you how to make Tom’s mysterious cocktail. By taking that cocktail daily, you can access your brain’s untapped potential.

The cocktail consists of a few herbal ingredients – including most of the ones you find in nootropic formulas today. Tom gives you a step-by-step guide on how to make a nootropic stack using all of those ingredients.

Quantum Memory System Pricing

Quantum Memory System is priced at $39 USD.

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Your purchase is processed through Software Projects, which accepts all major credit cards.

Should You Use Quantum Memory System to Become Smarter?

Quantum Memory System is introduced through an awkward online sales page, where you’ll learn that people in Asia are superior to people in the rest of the world because they have a hormone called Hormone X. Tom, the author of the book, doesn’t go into much further detail beyond that.

When you’re paying $39 for a small PDF file, you’re expecting to learn information from someone who is a master of their craft. Tom describes himself as a “brain specialist”, but doesn’t give any additional information about his qualifications.

Furthermore, he doesn’t even feel confident enough in his program to provide his real name. Tom is a pen name. It’s unclear what – if any – qualifications Tom has to explain the intricate details of your brain. Based on this lack of information, we have to assume that Tom’s information is nothing unique, and that it’s the same information you can find on free nootropics websites online.

Ultimately, Quantum Memory System appears to just teach you how to make a simple nootropic stack and eat certain foods to boost your brain power. A quick visit to Reddit’s /r/nootropics (or any other online nootropics community) will teach you how to make a similar stack. And a quick Google search for “brain foods” will show you which foods affect your cognitive ability. If you do this, you’ll be able to save your $39.

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