Quartrix is a gift giving system. The system is set up so that you earn money directly from your downline.

What is Quartrix?

The site was established September 2016. Any relevant information about the owner of the site has been set to private. However, when looking into the Quartrix site, you will find the company on Facebook. According to Facebook Mr. Richard Morrison is the owner of the site and the system.

Quartrix started as “My Bitcoin Life” and only lasted a few short weeks as no one was buying into the program. My Bitcoin Life was set up similar to Quartrix as it too was a gift giving platform for members to earn. Within 24 hours My Bitcoin Life was rebranded as Quartrix and launched.

As for Mr. Morrison, he has been linked to several failing sites within a few short months. It would seem from this evidence that he is just trying to come up with something to get a return for his losses and thus Quartrix was born. Another interesting fact is that Mr. Morrison's Facebook profile was set up in April 2016 and that he has no real experience in MLM or any other businesses.

The Product

Quartrix doesn't offer any valuable products for sale. All it offers is for affiliates to promote the site. In order to get started with Quartrix, you are required to pay $20 to the person who referred you to the site.

The Opportunity

The system is set up as a 1×3 matrix that cycle into other matrix levels. You basically have to find three people to sign up under you. Once those positions are filled you are paid your commission and can choose to be placed into a different matrix. The first two matrix systems pay the same, $20 per every recruit. The third matrix system requires a payment of $40. Once again you have to find three people to pay this price in order for you to earn your commission. The 4th matrix has you paying in $160 and having to find new recruits at that price range for you to earn the commission.

The Verdict

It would seem that the saying “if at first you don't succeed-try, try again” would come into play here. Mr. Morrison's idea for My Bitcoin Life didn't pan out and so now he is trying again with Quartrix. The system is just like any other gift giving system where only those who get in on it right away make any money from it. However, once the funds stop coming in, the system will fail.

One of the major things that make this site such a high risk is that the identity of who runs it is hidden. Sure, you can get a name from Facebook but there is no telling if this person actually exists. After all, when you look at Facebook all you see is ad after ad of schemes that he is promoting. This should tell you that he is desperate for people to sign up to at least one of them so he can make some money. It could very well be that Mr. Morrison is just a “character” name. There is no telling really who he is or what else he has failed at.

Another thing you should notice is that the site doesn’t offer any “Terms and Service” page or a “Disclaimer”. This could be because he knows that the site will be down soon and it would just be a waste of time creating those pages. Also, with no way to know how the site is run or when you will be paid makes it all that more suspicious. The site doesn’t tell you when you will get paid or even if you will get paid. All it does is sell you an imaginary number.

This site shouldn't be trusted. There is no way for you to make money by promoting this site, or any site like it. With no products to sell and only the membership to go on it is likely that this site will fail even faster than Mr. Morrison's other sites. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Quartrix.

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