Radien is a company that specializes in skin care products that help you look and feel younger.

What is Radien?

The site was registered on February 2016 by Greg Pilant from Memphis, Tennessee. Mr. Pilant also has another site called Biocellerex that specializes in a product known as “Accelerex” that helps treat Diabetic ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Venous Stasis Ulcers and Burns.

The Product

As for the products that Radien sells, they are basically anti-aging creams. You can get the full system for $258. With the full system that is called “Primary Anti-Aging Skincare Set,” you get the day cream, night cream, and eye cream.

You can also just get the individual products to replenish your supplies. The day cream is $94 and comes in a 1oz container. The eye cream sells for $70 for 0.5oz. Then there is the night cream for $94 for 1oz. Radien also has night cream for oily skin priced at $94 for a 1oz container.

But the company also offers a product for men that are also for anti-aging. It is “QXP for Men” sold at $99 for 1oz. They also offer a product that is said to help on those emergency days when you just aren't looking your best. This product is called “DeJaVu” that is sold for $70 for 0.5oz.

Last is the Skin Repair Cream sold for $94 for 0.5oz.

 The Opportunity

As with most MLM's, there is a way for you to earn some extra money. First, you sign up as a “Preferred Customer” and get 10% discount for your own personal products. Or you can opt to become a “Brand Partner” and get up to 33% discount on your orders. Last you can join as “Premier Brand Partner” and get up to 40% discount on your personal products.

With the “Brand Partner” and the “Premier Brand Partner,” you will be in a position to earn that extra cash by recruiting individuals. If you sign up for either one of these affiliate profiles, you will earn up to 40% on every product you sell.

Once your build your downline you can earn 30% from your “Brand Partners”. There is also the opportunity to earn a free car and other bonuses.

The Verdict

The products may work, but what you should look into is the company itself. The site as stated by Who.is was registered in February 2016. Yet on the site's “About Us” page it states that “Biocellerex” has been in medical research for over 20 years.

The question that comes up is why so long to wait to register a site if it has been ongoing for so long? When looking into Biocellerex it shows that the site was registered in 2014. That isn't necessarily 20 years now is it? Both Biocellerex and Radien is owned and operated by the same Mr. Pilant.

What is more interesting is that Mr. Pilant's company Biocellerex focuses on medical technologies. Such medical breakthroughs include a product known as “Accelerex” which is stated on the “Biocellerex” site to help treat diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and burns.

Another interesting piece of information stems from the site “Biocellerex” to have a tab that directs to Radien.

Why does a site that claims to help with ulcers have a link to Radien which is all about reducing the fine lines of aging? It would seem that these two companies are completely different yet are linked together on “Biocellerex”.

Yet, neither site shows proof of being around for 20 years as stated from the Radien site. It is just interesting to have two completely different sites linked together. Radien offers skin care for wrinkles, and the other for ulcers.

Radien does offer some explanation for how the product works in helping to restore collagen to the skin, thus giving the skin a more radiant look. The case studies that were done do show that the product works. But it states that the product shows results in about 9-12 weeks. That is far more time than what the site originally states.

It could be possible that the skin products work, but they don't expect to see instant results. You will probably have to spend a lot more than $258 for the Redienlx anti-aging system that only lasts about a month.

What is really frustrating is that you can't just sign up and start selling.

There are no links to just become an affiliate and join the ranks. You have to go through the 90-day challenge to prove that the products work. In order to start, you have to purchase the complete anti-aging system for $258. So really, there is no opportunity for you to just start your business.

You have to jump through hoops and do the challenge. Send pictures to the support staff after your first 30-days and again on day 60, 90 and preferably on day 120. By then you have spent well over $1,032.

It is possible that the product works. It is also possible that you could be wasting your hard earn cash in the process of looking younger. The way this system is set up you can't just begin as an affiliate and start your business. That could be both and blessing and a curse to your pocketbook.

If you are really desperate and looking for something that might work, then, by all means, go with this. But if you are smart, you will do your own research and see that there is something not right about Radien and you will stay away.

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