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If you've never heard of “seed nutrition” before, don't worry, neither had I.  But soon after learning about Rain International and its unique and fascinating business concepts, I was glad I'd discovered it.   Yes, this is an MLM and yes, it's another wellness drink infused with fancy nutrients derived from fancy sources and backed somewhat by science. But it's not just another wellness product/energy drink.  Let's take a look at how Rain International stands out, and how well their business opportunity pans out.

The Company

Founder Byron Belka believes he is starting a revolution in nutrition.  Dr. Bradford Weeks MD, who is on the advisory board, thinks so too.  What are their credentials and why should be believe them?

Dr. Weeks is real, and he has a blog which you can visit and read about all things medicine, including (surprise surprise) the benefits of black cumin seed, a major ingredient in RI's product (hmmm…).  He also has a Weeks Clinic website, which seems dedicated to defending himself against the Washington state Medical Quality Assurance Commission and the Attorney General, who suspended his license for prescribing HGH.  (hmmmmm…).

Mr. Belka seems to have his name covered when it comes to the search engines: everything is pretty recent and Rain International-related.  He has been in direct selling for about a decade but beyond that his experience is hidden from the internet.

The company itself is brand-new, having been formed in December 2014.  It is based in Utah and is part of the Direct Selling Association.

The Product

Rain International believes that feeling great is all about how you fuel your body- intelligent sources of food are becoming more unusual.  Decades of research brought them to the source of all nutrition: seeds.  All vital elements of life are supposedly present in concentrated forms in seeds- not found in herbs and leafy products, according to Dr. Blaine Chambers Ed. D (wait…a doctor of education? anyway, doesn't matter, there's also David Bell from Bell Advisory, Brunswick Labs…he supports the antioxidant claims made about the Soul product.

Harvested and processed in the correct ways, seeds can offer a huge, almost incredible variety of benefits, including: joint health, better sleep, memory improvement, blood pressure, lung healthy, overall wellness, fitness, pain relief, and of course: good nutrition.   The seeds in particular offering such wonderful benefits are black cumin seeds, black raspberry seeds, and chardonnay grape seeds.

The main RI product is called Soul. 

The Compensation Plan

All the familiar direct selling ingredients are there in the Rain International Compensation Plan.  There is a preferred customer program, a first order bonus, a first order bonus match, team commissions, leadership bonus, carryover volume, a weak leg, and a requirement that partners remain active at least once every thirty days.  Unfortunately, meaningful numbers are few and far between on the compensation plan PDF so that's about all we know.

There is a membership fee, and new members purchase kits.  Prices?  Nowhere to be found on the company website.  Soul is already selling on Amazon, however, for $101.97…quantity unknown!  But shipping weight is quoted at around four pounds.  Soul is sold in 2 oz packets so a hefty chunk of that weight is all that packaging.

The Verdict

On the Rain International website, there's a video statement from the head of an investment bank who tells us he invested his bank's money as well as his own into Rain International.  Finally, direct selling company marketing is growing up and realizing direct sellers aren't all naive.  Some would like to know the financials of a company they choose to get involved with aren't going to go belly up anytime soon.  It's sort of like investing in stocks: investigate the financials and you have a better idea of what you're getting into.

Rain International shows promise in this regard, because they're catering to a smarter segment of the population.  The products are equally promising, and if RI can attract the higher caliber people to distribute them, they just might make it  in the highly competitive world of nutrition products.  Just wish I knew a little more about the comp plan and product pricing.

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