RankFeedr Review

RankFeedr is a Co-citation Syndication and Content Indexing Service.


The Company

RankFeedr built and launched RSS Authority Sniper in 2013. This software provided users with fast action indexing and rankings. RSS used Yahoo for the publication of the co-citation feeds. In 2015 Yahoo dropped the line and disconnected from RSS Authority Sniper, no longer supporting the system.

This disconnect between RSS and Yahoo is what led the company to design RankFeedr. The feed service is built and designed for co-citation feeds and accelerated page indexing.

The Product

Using RankFeedr gives you the ability to have your content bumped up into higher rankings. The software gives you the access to legally borrow the authority of bigger, more powerful sites and have them directed straight to your content. This produces higher ratings for your website and the content will pop up all over through SEO.

There are currently 3 different launch club plans available to choose from:

All of the plans include; Feed Mashing, Static Feed Items, Feed Categories, Feed Tags and YouTube Feed Expansion.

The Starter Plan – The starter plan is $17/month. You receive 150 Co-citations, 10 Projects, and a 12-hour refresh rate. There are occasional bonus offers that provide extra or extended features with the starter plan.

The Pro Plan – The Pro Plan costs $27/month. It provides 400 Co-citations and 50 Projects. The software also offers 6-hours refresh rate cycle, 97+ Ping services, API access, and multiple feed URLs.

The Elite Plan – For $47/month you will receive 1100 Co-citations and 100 Projects. It comes with a 3-hour refresh rate, API access, Multiple feed URLs and 97+ Ping service.

You can cancel your service at any time, however, the service paid for is non-refundable.

The Opportunity

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anybody who runs a website has an opportunity with this software. The monthly fees are lower than some ad publishing companies and the plans offer more than publication.

You receive more web hits when you have a higher rank. This allows your content to be seen by more viewers, possibly drawing in new customers or clients, leading up to possible sales. The 97+ Ping Services will update your search engines making sure that your content is being seen. Having the multiple feed URLs will also ensure that your content reaches as far as it possibly can.

Whether you are trying to make money, offer services, sell products or simply sharing an important message; RankFeedr offers many benefits. It is easy to use, navigate, and there is a support system if necessary. The tools that come with the software are supposed to help users learn more about Co-citation and how to better use it.

The Verdict

RankFeedr offers Co-citation Syndication and Content Indexing Services. There is a demand for this sort of software and programs. Almost everything you can do in person can be done on the internet. There are currently several other companies that provide similar software, so there is already competition. Keep in mind Yahoo closed the pipes on the RSS Authority Sniper.

The official website has so much to offer when it comes to the explanation of Co-citation, indexing, and RSS; unfortunately, it lacks a wealth of business related information. There is nothing on the founders, the year it was found, no who's who or anything like that. There is not a whole bunch out there about them period. You can find plenty of information about the RSS Authority Sniper and how it works, but there's just too much missing at this time to know enough.

The pricing seems reasonable, but does the software work? It may be that the product is fairly new but there are no reviews on the use of the product. It all sounds good but there's no proof in the pudding just yet, not enough to make a proper rating. For now, RankFeedr gets a ranking of 7 out of 10. The ranking is based on the lack of information on the website, the lack of user reviews and the amount of current competition.

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