Rapid Growth Online Marketing

Looking for an opportunity to help people and make money at the same time? Rapid Growth Online Marketing is the next supplement to hit the online community.

With Rapid Growth you are introducing people to a health supplement that has been around since the 18th century. But does the supplement work? And just how much money can you make if you sign up as an affiliate to Rapid Growth Online Marketing?

What Is Rapid Growth Online Marketing?

According to Who.is, the site rapidgrowthonline.net was registered on March 10, 2017, and updated May 10, 2017. The site is registered to Mr. Kevin Campbell from London, England.

When you begin to look into Rapid Growth you will discover that the address listed is the exact same address used by other companies. This would suggest that it is a virtual address and not a brick and mortar establishment. When you try to find any information on Mr. Campbell, you won't find anything.

What is a bit interesting is how the address listed on the website is in the Philippines and not the UK. You will also notice that many of the products listed on the site are offered in the native currency of the Philippines and not the British pound or Euros. It would seem that the address listed for the domain registration is false.

Rapid Growth Online Marketing Products

Rapid Growth Online Marketing only offers one product and that is its mangosteen fruits supplement. According to the site, this particular supplement that contains Mangosteen has been around for some time. The site explains how even ancient people used it at one point or another.

The bottle contains 60 pills which are sold for ₱1600 PHP or $31.75 USD.

Rapid Growth Online Marketing Opportunity

Rapid Growth Online Marketing does offer affiliates a way to earn money. However, going through the compensation plan will give you a headache. The whole thing is one giant mess that is linked to a 3×10 matrix system. Somewhere in the mix, the site offers affiliates a return on their investment to the company, and residual incomes.

In order to join Rapid Growth Online Marketing, you have to pay an affiliate fee. Plus if you plan to join the money making opportunities you are required to invest between ₱500,000 and ₱3,000,000 PHP every year. This comes to about $9,923 to $59,541 USD.

Rapid Growth Online Marketing Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking over this site. First off, the ownership isn't established. The fact that you are given two completely different addresses in different parts of the world should make you stop and think.

The second major red flag is the opportunity to earn money. The site doesn't explain anything about selling the only product that they have. All they are interested in is the money affiliates invest.

It would seem that the whole site is revolved around affiliates recruiting new people not for selling the product but to invest in the company so existing members can be paid out.

When a site can't be honest about who owns and runs it, you should think twice about signing up. The fact that Rapid Growth Online Market asks for an affiliate fee upon sign up yet doesn't say what that amount is should make you stop. But, if you do sign up, stick with just selling the product and nothing more.

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