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Reader's Legacy is the world's biggest book club. It is one of the fastest growing communities of readers and authors.

Reader's Legacy Inc. Review

The Company

Reader's Legacy is a bookstore with a twist. Ken Dunn is the founder and CEO of the company. In 2012 Reader's Legacy opened its headquarters doors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only is Dunn responsible for Reader's Legacy but he also runs 2 different publishing companies Next Century Publishing and Rebel Press which are both dot-coms. Dunn decided to make both of the publishing companies subsidiaries of the parent company Reader's Legacy Inc.

The Reader's Legacy website officially launched in early June of 2015, since then it has gained over a thousand reader accounts, has dispersed over 2 million Litcoins (which is enough to purchase over 100 physical books), and there is currently a total of over 10 thousand authors, as well as, more than 100 thousand books added to users libraries.


The Products

There are hundreds and hundreds of titles to choose from. You can find new releases and classics. Here is just a small snippet of the genre categories available to browse:

  • Fiction
  • Educational
  • Juvenile Fiction & NonFiction
  • Adult Fiction & Nonfiction
  • Gardening
  • Games
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Travel
  • Self-help
  • Learning Materials & Books such as Mathematics, Arithmetic, Sciences, and Language Arts.

The list is actually rather long with several books in each category written by different authors. The books can be purchased using money or litcoins. The books are of good quality and they will get shipped to your door in just a matter of days.

The Opportunity

Reader's Legacy Inc. just launched a new landing promo called Reader's Legacy Buzz. This new creation will provide an opportunity for you to make money while selling books and learning how to market yourself. You can sign up for Reader's Legacy Buzz for free and you will receive several awesome benefits.

You can get paid to write short articles on the website that Legacy provides for free. You can also make money by posting and sharing content on social media outlets and gain followers and fans while you're at it. You can honestly generate a revenue stream by writing articles while you learn. Here are some of the benefits and opportunities provided when joining:

  • Learn different ways to make money.
  • You get a free website with a variety of layouts to choose from.
  • Add products to your online store.
  • You will have access to advanced video conferencing for webinars without any limits, you will also learn how to charge a fee for your webinar.
  • FREE book publishing- there is potential to earn a full book publishing deal with advance.
  • Make money and earn free books.

There are all sorts of opportunity for those who sign up for Reader's Legacy Buzz, the best one is making money while learning.

The Verdict

Reader's Legacy Inc. and it's new landing promo get an A+ and a thumbs up. The company has a good solid background. There are still some skeptics because of how early it still is for the website.

Kenn Dunn has prior publishing experience, as well as, owning 2 publishing companies. The opportunity is there to learn and make money while you're doing it. The website is given to you for free to create however you want to. Even though it has been a short time since the websites debut there are so many readers and authors signed up and taking advantage of what the company has to offer.

Everything sounds really great. Imagine shopping at a major bookstore using Litcoins instead of money. Although there is the option to purchase the books using a debit or credit card, it is nice to be able to use the litcoins that have been earned through the site. Ken Dunn had an incredible idea and put it into action, millions of people are already a part of the website and it's only been a little over a year. Congratulations on an awesome idea and incredible options including the major selections of books.


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