Do you know how to make the best investments in the growing cryptocurrency market? There are so many platforms that sometimes it can be really hard to know in which ones lie the best investments. Because of this, you just have to be well informed before you decide to invest.

But how can you do that? It’s actually way more simple than it looks. The best way to investing with knowledge is by reading good reviews about the companies and products in which you can invest.

To help our readers in this quest for the best ICOs and investments, we review these companies for you. Today, our subject is a company named Reftoken.

What Is Reftoken?

Reftoken presents itself as the first decentralized affiliate platform in the world but what does that mean? It means that Redtoken offer marketing services for start-ups that are planning ICOs.

The company, which is based in Malta, states that almost 50% of the money used in marketing by companies is not used well. Bad marketing professionals and all sorts of problems make the investments that companies make unuseful.

To solve this problem, Reftoken wants to create a system in which you pay for what you get. You make a contract with their platform and they do the marketing for you, but you only need to pay when you see how well the marketing is being successful.

The more successful the campaign is, the more the company pays, but if the marketing is not successful at all, then the company doesn’t have to pay.

How Does Reftoken Work?

When a company decided to use their platform, they can reach the marketing professionals and use smart contracts to secure that the professional will be paid and the company will get their results.

This is made to ensure the security of those transactions, as they are generally very risky and sometimes the professional end up not being paid or the company gets no result at all.

The Reftoken will be officially launched only in 2019, as there is still a long road ahead of the company before everything is set for their platform to be online.

How To Invest In Reftoken?

To invest in Reftoken, you have to buy their REF tokens at the ICO. The ICO starts on November 17 and it will go until December 17, so you have one month to invest in this company.

Unfortunately, their Pre-ICO was in October, but you can still get good prices for their REF tokens if you decide to buy them soon. To buy the tokens, you will have to use ETH.

The initial price of the ICO will be 100 REF for 1 ETH, but as time passes, the price will go to 50 REF for 1 ETH, so be sure to be quick if you want to invest in this company and might still get a 50% discount on their final price.

The Reftoken Verdict

Reftoken definitely seems like a legit company. Nothing in this company raise any red flags, so you can be pretty much assured about this. The idea of the company also doesn’t seem very bad, so it could definitely be a good investment for you.

It doesn’t seem like the company will pay quickly, though. Their tokens will only be officially launched in 2019, so you might have to wait for a while before invest in them.

If you are interested in Reftoken, we have no arguments against this decision. Be aware that the profits might come slowly, but this definitely seems like a good investment.

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