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Rich Jerk Review is a new website created by a “rich jerk” who anonymously calls himself RJ. RJ purportedly made millions on the internet – and now he’s telling idiots like you how to do it.

What is

“I’m an internet multimillionaire and I’m better than you”.

what is rich jerkThose are the first words that automatically play when you visit The auto-play video introduces you to “RJ”, a self-made internet multimillionaire who prances around his house with a submachine gun while bikini-clad female escorts do his bidding.

If you’re familiar with the personas of guys like Dan Bilzerian, then you’ll instantly recognize RJ. He’s also similar, to a lesser extent, to Tai Lopez, who became famous for his autoplay YouTube advertisement where he brags about how “he just bought this new Lamborghini”.

There are a lot of rich jerks on the internet. But RJ, the creator of, is the first guy who is so upfront about it.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, by the way, then “RJ” isn’t this guy’s real name (it’s just an acronym for Rich Jerk, you dummy). The real “Rich Jerk” is named Kelly Felix. Rich Jerk originally launched around 2006/2007, but was offline for about 7 years before relaunching in 2015.

Recently re-released in 2015, Rich Jerk’s newest video features a number of great soundbites that sum up exactly who RJ is:

Highlights of the introductory video include:

“I guarantee that most of the people watching this right now will never make a dime because they’re just too dumb.”

“The people who say money can’t buy happiness…well I’m pretty f***ing happy!”

“I’m the guy you see rolling down the street in a Lambo with a hot blonde in the passenger seat giving me road head.”

“In the next two minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how to make millions online without any complicated bullsh*t. It’s so easy even a retard can do it. But women, they probably won’t understand it”.

The video also features an appearance by a few semi-major celebrities, like Dennis Rodman, Ron Jeremy, and Gary Busey.

The video features Rich Jerk’s 5 rules for becoming successful, as well as testimonials from people who have purportedly used the program to get rich online.

Rich Jerk’s 5 Rules for Getting Rich

RJ has 5 rules for getting rich, which he’s happy to explain to you free of charge.

Rule #1: Go where the money already is. RJ uses Facebook and Google as two examples, claiming that even a small piece of that enormous, multibillion dollar pie is worth millions.

Rule #2: Copy a person who was already successful. “If you try to figure things out yourself, you’re an idiot.” He says you should copy other people then put your own unique twist on it.

Rule #3: You are not your past. “Even though you’ve been a loser up until now, you can change that and wipe the slate clean.”

Rule #4: Winners do what losers aren’t willing to do: “I made my first $100k online 15 years ago all in one day. It took me 9 months of work leading up to that payday.”

Rule #5: You are exactly where you want to be. “We are all exactly where we want to be. If your life sucks, it’s your fault. Because you have allowed and accepted every circumstance in your pathetic life. If you want something more, then you need to do whatever it takes to change it.”

How Does the Rich Jerk Program Work?

Ultimately, once you get past all the sexist videos and deliberately offensive content, you’ll get to the point of he wants you to buy his program for $497.

Key features of that system include:

-The exact system RJ uses to become wealthy, which he calls an “idiot proof system”

-Advice from his trusted team of advisors (“but I have to warn you, one of them is an Asian”, RJ says in his video)

-“A box of cool sh*t delivered directly to your door” (he never explains exactly what’s in the box)

-Access to a private Facebook group where you can directly ask RJ questions

-Invitations to RJ’s next event (the 2014 event was held at the Playboy mansion, where RJ claims he charged $1000 per person for entry)

Rich Jerk claims that he has to charge $497 for the program because he doesn’t want just anyone gaining access to it.

Some of the key components of this program include how to find a niche, copy what successful people are doing in that niche, and then exploit it for maximum profits.

Another component is taught by a “launch jacker” who claims to make 7 figures without an email list. There are also lessons on how to “crush it” on Amazon.

Put simply, there’s a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of different ways to make money online. There’s even a module devoted to how to make a mega-profitable t-shirt campaign.

Who is the Rich Jerk?

The Rich Jerk wants to remain anonymous, but it doesn’t take much searching to find this guy’s real identity.

Who is the sexist douche behind Rich Jerk? According to, he’s Kelly Felix, a successful affiliate marketing guy.

At Kelly Felix’s blog, his last post is dated on July 7th, 2015, where he claims he was helping a friend launch a formerly successful brand called Rich Jerk.

That blog post comes complete with pictures of beautiful women, as well as behind-the-scenes pictures with celebrities like Ron Jeremy and Dennis Rodman and other stills from the filming of the infamous video. The blog post ends with a promise that “It’s all coming soon”.

Here’s what Kelly Felix had to say about the project:

“A guy I haven’t talked to in a long time recently called out of the blue and asked me to help him re-launch his formerly infamous brand. He told me that he just realized he wasn’t making any sales of his flagship product. Upon further investigation, we discovered the problem…His website has been offline for the last 7 years.”

So while Rich Jerk first appeared on the internet in 2006/2007, the actual brand was offline for nearly a decade before being revived in 2015. So if you haven’t heard about Rich Jerk in the years in between, that’s why.

Anyways, according to (which sounds like a totally trustworthy website), Kelly Felix took an interest in online marketing at an early age and eventually moved to LA to pursue his acting career. You can actually see early footage from his acting career on YouTube here.

In any case, Kelly appears to have made most of his money through affiliate marketing websites and SEO and is attempting to make more money through his Rich Jerk training program.

How to Join Rich Jerk

Joining Rich Jerk is straightforward. You can either watch the whole Rich Jerk video or scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll be prompted to pay one of two different amounts:

-$497 one time payment

-$197 three time payments

You can pay via VISA or MasterCard. There’s also a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee available with all purchases. After making your payment, you’ll receive instant access to the program.

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