richmond berks

Richmond Berks claims to be a real estate company that offers income opportunities to members interested in investing in the company.

What Is Richmond Berks?

Richmond Berks was founded by John Richmond and Klint Berks, two real estate buyers who supposedly met at an auction in 2008 while bidding on the same property. After this initial rivalry, Richmond and Berks became allies and then friends, eventually founding their own company in 2016.

This company, Richmond Berks, allegedly purchases real estate at auction and then resells it on the secondary market in order to turn a profit. The revenue for these purchases comes from investors who then earn a daily return on investment of 1.4 percent.

The Product

There is no product that Richmond Berks sells. The only activity that takes place is investing into the Richmond Berks system, which involves investing cash in “Richmond Berks Dollars” (RBD), an internal currency.

Withdrawals of a member's accrued interest are in US Dollars; Richmond Berks takes a 50 percent cut of this withdrawal. Otherwise, becoming a member of Richmond Berks is free of charge.

The Opportunity

Richmond Berks offers an affiliate program for members interested in maximizing their investments.

While there is no reward for sponsoring new members, Richmond Berks offers commissions on funds invested by those a member sponsors; direct recruits provide a 10% commission, while a second level provides an additional 5% commission rate. The affiliate system is only two levels deep.


While it may seem like Richmond Berks is an excellent opportunity to earn a guaranteed residual income based on investments and affiliate commissions, there are several problems with the system and the core company that need to be brought to light.

The first issue is in the identity of the company's founders,  John Richmond and Klint Berks. Neither of these individuals seem to exist outside the confines of the Richmond Berks website; not only that, but all the staff and executives listed on the Richmond Berks site do not seem to exist either.

Several names, all of which paired with profile pictures that seem to have been cropped from the far corners of the internet, appear to be completely fabricated.

This is a major red flag when it comes to any business – a company that provides false or misleading information about its founders and the team that manages everyday tasks behind the curtain is obviously hiding something.

It goes even deeper, as the Richmond Berks website is registered anonymously, providing even less information as to the company, who is operating it, and where it is based.

In fact, the Richmond Berks contact page lists several physical addresses around the world that purport to be global offices for the company.

The US-based address, listed in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an obviously vacant commercial storefront. The rest are all nameless office buildings with no discernible Richmond Berks signage.

This level of deception seems to strongly indicate that something is amiss here. It is unlikely that Richmond Berks is a legitimate real estate company, or a legitimate investment opportunity.

Instead, what is much more likely to be happening here is that the ROI investors are receiving is probably coming from funds invested by affiliates recruited under them.

This means that once recruitment dries up for Richmond Berks, the flow of money will stop – and suddenly, anyone who attempts to withdraw their investment from the company will find that there's no money to withdraw.

This is, sadly, a typical scam, and one that is often encountered by credulous investors that think they are availing themselves of a legitimate earnings opportunity. However, there's simply nothing to indicate that Richmond Berks is a real company.

While there may indeed be real people working behind the scenes, they don't seem to match anyone that's listed on the website as an employee or founder. In other words, good luck tracking down the people behind this scam once your investment goes missing.

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