right rise

Right Rise is a UK-based company that offers income opportunities for investing in its core business – setting up and monitoring speed cameras for the British government.

What Is Right Rise?

Right Rise claims to have a contract with the government of the United Kingdom to set up and maintain speed cameras across the UK in exchange for a cut of the revenue generated by fines paid to the government who are caught speeding.

The company is headquartered in Manchester at a managed office space. The sole point of contact for the business, as listed on official documents, is an individual named Ronald Allison. There is no other information to be found on Allison, except for being named in the website registration.

The address listed on the registration matches the office space for the company. The site itself was registered in 2014.

The Product

There is no actual product associated with Right Rise.

The Opportunity

There are several different income opportunities with Right Rise. The first, a high-yield investment program (HYIP), which provides the opportunity to invest in Right Rise directly for “shares” in the company.

These shares are available for $30 USD apiece, and these shares carry a daily ROI of 1% to 3%, which will fluctuate depending on the amount of revenue Right Rise brings in through its core business practices of providing speed cameras to the UK government.

There are also two affiliate programs that investors can become involved in to maximize their profits.

The standard affiliate program offers compensation for recruiting new members up to six tiers deep; first tier level referrals provide 10% commissions, second tier referrals net 5% commissions, third tier provides 2%, and the remaining three tiers provide 1% each.

The second affiliate program, the “representative” program, increases these referral commissions to 25% for the first tier, leaving the rest unchanged.

To qualify for representative status, affiliates need to own 50 shares of Right Rise, attracted 10 active investors, earn an internal referral reward balance of $1000 USD, and re-invest 30 shares into the company from that internal balance.

Right Rise Verdict

There are some serious red flags with Right Rise. The first and most damaging is that there's no proof that the company actually does what it claims – there's no evidence that the UK government outsources its speed cameras to any third party, let alone Right Rise.

Secondly, the company itself seems to exist in a vacuum.

Yes, there's a registration from Companies House, the UK business registration service, but that does nothing except prove that someone claiming to be “Ronald Allison” filled out a few forms and paid a small registration fee – literally anyone can do that.

With the company's address being tied to virtual office space providers in Manchester, this also does little to provide proof that this company is legitimate.

Finally, for a company that operates within the United Kingdom, the content of the site seems to have been written by a non-native English speaker.

The text is unprofessional, filled with typographical and grammatical errors, and is certainly not suited for a company that is contracted to work for the British government.

So what's truly happening here? Well it's likely that that 1% to 3% ROI is being funded by affiliate recruitment – and by others purchasing “shares” in a company.

This means that once recruitment dies out, that ROI is going to disappear, and you'll be left with nothing for your investment – just investment income that you can't withdraw from your internal balance for whatever reason the company tells you.

Do your best to avoid scams of this nature. They're easy to spot because of little to no transparency and a complete lack of any sort of proof of their claims.

Don't trust sloppy, obviously fake testimonials given by paid actors, either – unless you can verify a company's claims – especially claims like those made by Right Rise – there's no guarantee you're not going to be just scammed out of a ridiculous amount of money and have nothing to show for it.

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