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There are a lot of cash gifting sites that utilize the Bitcoin. After all, Bitcoin is a digital currency that can't be traced or refunded due to the way the system is set up. This is why there are a lot of sites that use the currency for fraudulent activities.

When it comes to the gift giving site, RJGM Powerteam, you can see that unlike other sites they offer a unique spin on the system. Most sites have you paying each and every time you upgrade to a new level. The other sites also have you promoting your special link to others so that you can get the credit of the new recruit.

What makes RJGM Powerteam different is that you only pay once. You don't have to worry about paying to upgrade your account. Nor do you have to worry about your personalized link. Instead, the site states that there is only one link to promote and everyone wins.

Can the site really help you earn money without a personalized link to promote? Are there any hidden fees that you have to pay?

What Is RJGM Powerteam?

According to the site, there are four people listed as administrators for the site. Janice Lee has been around for a while promoting other sites like Project Ethereum, JetCoin, BitComet and Bitcoins Brain. She has also been a part of RJGM Powerbuild which re-launched as RJGM Powerteam.

Then you have Gary Phillips who has been promoting other sites like Project Ethereum and JetCoin along with RJGM Powerbuild until its collapse a few months ago. The other two, Shual Thomas and Lee Woodsum haven't been around as long as the other two members. You won't find that Thomas and Woodsum promoting any other sites other than RJGM Powerteam.

Now according to Who.is, the site rjgmpowerbuild.com/ was registered July 7, 2017. The site is set to private but Who.is shows an address located in Canada.

RJGM Powerteam Product

RJGM Powerteam does not offer any retail products. You also won't find and services available. The idea is to simply promote the gift giving matrix and get others to join.

RJGM Powerteam Opportunity

In order to make money with RJGM Powerteam, you have to pay 0.002 BTC. The site states on the homepage that the 0.002 BTC payment is the only payment you will ever have to pay. However, when you look at the “How It Works” page, it clearly states that you have to pay for your upgrades.

The site is set up as a 2×5 matrix system. The first level is the “Starter” level which has you paying the 0.002 to your sponsor. You then go out and find two people to sign up. The second level is the “Runner” which has you paying your upline 0.003 BTC.

The third level is the “Pacer” which requires you to pay your upline 0.01 BTC in order to move up to level four. Level four is the “Finisher” which requires a mandatory payment of 0.05 BTC to your upline in order to move up to level five. Level five is the “Winner” which requires you pay your upline 0.05 BTC.

RJGM Powerteam Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking over RJGM Powerteam. First off, the homepage says how you don't have to pay anything more than 0.002 BTC in order to make 14 BTC. It is clear however that is not the case. In order to move through the system, you have to pay and keep on paying. But just who are you paying the Bitcoins to?

The system says how you have to pay your upline or sponsor. Yet, without a personalized link to show who your sponsor is, it would seem the money goes directly to the administrators. The system is set up to where you are not listed as a sponsor since everyone promotes the same link.

Granted it is possible that the site will pay a few people who happen to have ties with the admins. But for the average person just signing on, there is no real way for you to earn any money. Even if you have a downline in place ready to sign up under you, those people may end up fueling someone else's bank account instead of your own. The best thing you can do is steer clear of RJGM Powerteam.

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