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Rookie Profit System claims to be a complete “done for you” online income opportunity that requires you to host no websites, make no sales calls, or stock any inventory and instead just involves sending traffic to e-commerce sites set up for you in exchange for high-ticket commissions.

However, the truth is that Rookie Profit System is actually a recruitment funnel for MOBE, a well-known “education system” that's little more than a high-ticket affiliate scheme.

What Is Rookie Profit System?

Rookie Profit System is represented as the brainchild of Steven Bransfield, a young American internet entrepreneur that made his first million dollars by the age of 22. However, the truth is that Bransfield is just using the “Rookie Profit System” website as a recruitment funnel for his own affiliate earnings through MOBE without bothering to tell any of his potential affiliates about what's really going on here.

We've confirmed that Bransfield and his Rookie Profit System are affiliated with MOBE, based on the Terms and Conditions of the Rookie Profit System website clearly stating that the company is owned by MOBE. Also, the description of the income earning opportunity is identical to what MOBE offers in actuality.

This sort of bait and switch is, obviously, not something we approve of.

Rookie Profit System Product

As stated above, there is no “Rookie Profit System,” only MOBE. Membership into the program costs $49, but this is not the only cost associated with the company. MOBE markets online training materials at high-ticket prices through affiliate partnerships, allowing their members to make commission income on selling these materials.

MOBE markets online training materials at high-ticket prices through affiliate partnerships, allowing their members to make commission income on selling these materials. However, in order to become eligible to market the highest tiers of commission-based products, members often need to pay thousands of dollars in fees.

Rookie Profit System Opportunity

MOBE obviously offers the opportunity to make money. Bransfield and other MOBE affiliates who have made millions of dollars through the program are obvious examples of that.

However, these opportunities come at a steep price. Unless you have up to ten thousand dollars – or even more – to throw away on qualifying for MOBE's “licensing fees” and exclusive training costs, you're unlikely to pull in as much money as those who have invested more into the company than you have.

Rookie Profit System Verdict

We have a big problem with Rookie Profit System, and not necessarily because it's being used as a funnel for Bransfield to build his own MOBE affiliate downline. No, the problem we have is that Bransfield isn't honest about the entire program from the very beginning.

We suspect this may be due to the negative press that MOBE has gotten over the past few years. The company has earned a reputation for being incredibly overpriced when it comes to its income opportunities, and the backlash against the company has been rather pronounced.

In concealing the identity of the income opportunity behind a bogus “Rookie Profit System” fig leaf, Bransfield is hoping that that affiliates who do sign up through him become invested enough to stick around after it's revealed that MOBE is the business behind the curtain. We find this intentionally dishonest, that it displays a marked lack of transparency, and that it's a bad sign of things to come.

We're not morally opposed to MOBE as an income opportunity. We do feel it's wildly overpriced, but people can and do earn money with it – if they have the funds to invest in their own success. However, Rookie Profit System positions itself as a solution for people that are already struggling to make ends meet.

Giving these people false hope – that their $49 membership fee is all they need to get started – is going to lead to a lot of feelings of heartbreak and betrayal once it comes out that it's going to cost thousands more to really get started. It's a pretty shameful display of manipulation on Bransfield's part, something we can only attribute to his age and inexperience.

We're worried that people who don't have the money to spend will get caught up in this bait-and-switch scheme, investing the last few dollars they have to their name, and end up with nothing to show for it in the end.

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