RosieFuture is an online aggregator service that purportedly puts individuals looking for life insurance in contact with companies willing to insure them.

What Is RosieFuture?

The RosieFuture site is registered to Intelligent Media Group, a company based in West Palm Beach, Florida that maintains a large customer database and partners with a large number of insurance and financial service providers across a wide range of sectors.

The site was created in November of 2015.

RosieFuture Product

The only product provided by RosieFuture is an aggregator service. Users input some personal details and then RosieFuture will attempt to match individuals with a third party insurance provider that is appropriate for their needs.

The list of life insurance companies that Intelligent Media Group lists on its website as partners is expansive and voluminous, including many of the largest insurance providers in the United States.

This makes it likely that RosieFuture will be able to provide individuals looking for life insurance a good referral.

However, we have concerns with what RosieFuture does with the information its users submit in order to match them with an insurer; read below for our thoughts on aggregate sites and how they operate.

RosieFuture Opportunity

At first glance there doesn't seem to be any sort of affiliate or internet marketing opportunity to be had with RosieFuture – the site has no link that you can follow to learn about an affiliate or JV program.

However, our research has revealed that a company known as AffRevenue, an affiliate network that offers several different affiliate programs, has a program for RosieFuture.

The details of AffRevenue's affiliate program are murky, as the majority of the company's information is accessible only to individuals who qualify for membership. However, third-party websites claim the RosieFuture affiliate program provides $12.75 CPA.

AffRevenue seems to be independent of RosieFuture's parent company. In fact, a registration search for AffRevenue reveals the registrant is a Ritu Verma, with an address listed in India.

The listed email address links to several social media profiles for a young woman living in India known as either Megha Verma or Megha Singh Rathore.

RosieFuture Verdict

We have some warnings for anyone considering the use of RosieFuture to source life insurance.

Aggregate websites are notorious for collecting personal information from their customers and then selling them on to the highest bidder, resulting in customers getting plagued by spam in their inbox, junk mail in their mailbox, and cold calls in their voicemail box.

While it's unclear whether RosieFuture operates in the same way, it seems like a foregone conclusion that they would likely capitalize on the information, especially since its parent company's claims of maintaining vast consumer databases.

Additionally, we have some unanswered questions about the affiliate program offered by AffRevenue, especially since it was not advertised directly on the RosieFuture site but was found on a third-party website instead.

Affiliates looking to market RosieFuture through AffRevenue will need to sign up for the site, again providing high levels of personal information that could be used to populate someone else's marketing list.

Additionally, the relationship between AffRevenue and RosieFuture is not made explicit in any way.

We're unsure if this affiliate opportunity is authorized by RosieFuture's parent company or if this is something else entirely, and this inability to know for certain makes us uncomfortable when it comes to recommending an affiliate opportunity to our readers.

We make it a point to only recommend opportunities we can evaluate fully. That requires much more transparency than we've gotten from both RosieFuture and AffRevenue.

In the end, because of the low levels of transparency and the tenuous, unofficial-looking nature of the link between the core company and the affiliate network, we do not recommend attempting to market RosieFuture through AffRevenue.

Moreover, we can't recommend using the RosieFuture service itself, based on our apprehensions that the company is then taking the personal details you share with it and adding them to a customer database that will then be sold to the highest bidder.

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