Are you doing everything you can think of to promote your business or brand? Have you stretched yourself thin trying to think outside the box and get your message to more people?

The internet is just one way to go, and so you have branched out to billboards, flyers and other means of advertising. But even with all that advertising are you still not getting the kind of response you were hoping for? Don’t fret, it happens to the best of them.

Marketing and advertising these days is a tricky business. You can do pretty much everything and still not get the kind of results you want. That is why there are people who specialize in advertising. So that you can get your message out there, but that kind of service is expensive.

Luckily, there is a much easier way to get your message to the masses. Royaltie is a device that sends out your message and advertisement to all the Android users around you.

Imagine sending out one simple message every day all day and getting the kind of response you have always wanted to get? With Royaltie advertising has never been easier.

What Is Royaltie?

According to, was registered on May 25, 2011, to Mr. Justin Belobaba. Mr. Belobaba is located in Toronto, Canada. The organization listed for the registration is Royaltie. However, upon further inspection, you will find that the parent site for Royaltie is listed as Hiram Lodge Enterprises Corp.

When looking into Hiram Lodge Enterprises Corp, there really isn't much to find. Everything simply points back to Royaltie and the Royaltie Gems. You will find a few reviews online stating how wonderful the Gems are and how they have helped different businesses.

Royaltie Product

Royaltie Gem is a small device that utilizes the power of Bluetooth. It requires no cords or anything like that. So how does Royaltie work? Royaltie Gems are small little devices that work like your personal radio station. When potential customers with Android devises walk pass the device their Android picks up on the signal that you are sharing.

The Royaltie Gem works with Bluetooth to send and receive the messages. It also comes standard with a two-year battery life so you don't need to worry about charging the Gem. Simply set it where you get the most customers going by and get your message out there.

Now comes the pricing. Royaltie Gems are rented out in packs of three for $49 a month. Each additional Gem is $12. Not bad for marketing your business to everyone around you.

With the Royaltie Gem, you don't have to be stationary for them to work either. If your business happens to be on the go all the time, you can slip a Gem into your car. Then where ever you go, your message follows and you can reach more people than ever before.

Perhaps you are a restaurant owner and have a new special on the menu. Set up your Gem in your store front and advertise that special to everyone who passes by. The sky really is the limit when it comes to what you could use the Gem for. It is the logical substitution for all major advertising.

Royaltie Opportunity

The site does offer an affiliate program. However, it is not your standard program. In order to sign up as an affiliate, you have to fill out a contact form. Plus there is a $25 fee per month to pay to the company and a $30 activation fee. The site doesn't mention how much you can earn by signing up and promoting Royaltie Gems.

Even when you look through the Affiliate Agreement, there is no set price that is stated. It does mention that as an affiliate you will earn commissions on “Referred Customers” but doesn't give the amount. It does mention how you have to receive at least $20 and have all tax information filled out before you can receive payment.

Royaltie Verdict

Royaltie Gems are a great way to get your message out to the masses. After all, when it comes to smart devices 60% of the United States uses Android. You can begin to see the impact on how much business you could get by using these small devices.

However, you have to also think in terms of ethics. When you use something like the Gem to broadcast your message out to the people, is it a form of spam? After all, no one signed up to receive your message and suddenly it is on their phone.

A device like this in the wrong hands could spell trouble especially if the message is not a “G” rated message. So you really have to think about the message you want to send out on one of these devices.

For the most part, though, Royaltie Gems are a great new invention that will boost any business. The price seems a little much at $49 a month, but you are getting 3 devices for the price which can be concealed in a car, store front or where ever.  When you break down the price you are only paying $16.33 per Gem so it isn’t so bad.

All in all, Royaltie Gems are an innovative idea and a great alternative to advertising. It is like having your personal radio station tuned into the 60% of Americans who use Android. The fact that they are super small and can be stashed in the most convenient places makes them worth checking out.

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