sale of a lifetime

Billed as “the greatest wealth-building opportunity of a lifetime,” Sale of a Lifetime is a book that claims to provide insider information to investors, revealing the secrets behind profiting in the face of growing and bursting economic bubbles.

What Is Sale Of A Lifetime?

Sale of a Lifetime is written by Harry Dent, an American financial newsletter writer and self-proclaimed “America's #1 economist.” Dent focuses on generational consumer spending patterns in his economic forecasts. Sale of a Lifetime, which was published in 2016, is the 11th full book he's written on economics.

Dent's track record as an economic forecaster is hit-or-miss. He's successfully predicted changing market conditions about as much of the time that he's been incorrect, which is about as well as can be expected from flipping a coin. Dent also tends to focus on “doom and gloom” predictions, such as a massive economic plummet in our very near future.

Sale Of A Lifetime Product

Sale of a Lifetime, Dent's most recent book, is based on the idea that the current economic bubble will soon burst, sending the economy into a tailspin by wiping out massive amounts of wealth – and creating exciting opportunities to invest in stocks that would have been incredibly expensive before the upcoming crash.

The book itself retails for $19.99, but as part of a special offer, Dent is providing the book for free plus $4.95 shipping, which is around 75% off sticker price.

There are additional bonuses for purchasing Sale of a Lifetime from Dent in this manner. Customers receive a free subscription to Dent's Economy and Markets newsletter, and also receive 30-day trial access to his Boom and Bust newsletter as well. After this 30 day period, Dent automatically charges customers a $79 a year subscription fee for a full year's worth of Boom and Bust.

An additional bonus included in your purchase is Dent's newest financial report, 12 Steps to Survive and Prosper in the Winter Season. As Dent is predicting a catastrophic economic crash in the upcoming winter, this report focuses on providing information on which assets to watch and possibly invest in once the hammer drops.

Sale Of A Lifetime Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Sale of a Lifetime is, according to Dent, getting on the inside track when it comes to preparing for the next economic crash. Dent feels that it is imminent and that his book will provide others with the knowledge to ride out this crash and come out the other side successfully.

This means that Dent's product is geared exclusively towards investors, or those who wish to become investors, who have a feeling the sky is falling.

Sale Of A Lifetime Verdict

Viewing Dent's new book offer through a cynical lens seems more like a promotional tool, a marketing funnel for his newsletter. The $79 a year Boom and Bust subscription auto-bills after the 30-day trial period unless the customer opts out, and it almost feels like Dent is just throwing $5 copies of his book at people to trick them – or scare them – into subscribing as well.

To put it in perspective, the book itself hasn't been that well-received. Its Amazon rating is 3.9 out of 5 stars across 148 reviews, with 31% of reviewers giving it 3 or fewer stars. Many of the detailed reviews for the book express the same or similar criticisms, namely that Dent's predictions seem unsound. A good number of these reviewers point out that Dent's track record in making predictions is too spotty to take him seriously.

A good number of these reviewers point out that Dent's track record in making predictions is too spotty to take him seriously. Others still feel the book was “padded” for length, with Dent spending more time defending his predictions and forecasts and not enough spent on providing actionable plans in the case of an economic crash.

Whatever the reason, the truth is that Sale of a Lifetime hasn't been well-received. You're more than welcome to get a copy for yourself for $4.95, but be aware you'll have to opt out of a $79 fee after a month.

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