Secret Success Machine

I found out about Secret Success Machine on a website that was so awful looking I couldn't believe it was real…and yet I couldn't turn away, either.  What's it called when you can't help but look at something you know is gruesome…morbid curiosity?

But there it was, in all its glory: shocking font, mismatched colors, hackneyed grab-phrases, misspelling, random capitalization and oh yes: clipart!

But what is Secret Success Machine and is there an opportunity?  I looked beyond the web design gaffes and in-your-face marketing tactics and took a look at the facts.

The Company

If the name “Secret Success Machine” rings a bell to you, then perhaps it's because it's a reincarnation of “Millionaire Marketing Machine”.  They had to switch names because that name was too close to “Million Dollar Marketing Machine”.

But whatever the name may be, it's pointless here because the domain is registered under a private registration, meaning we can't tell who owns the website.  Taking a look at website archives, it's clear that the domain had nothing on it until 2014.

That really surprised me because the site is anything but current-looking.  In fact, I was totally convinced I'd stumbled upon a piece of internet history when I first landed there (see first paragraph for why).

The Product

The products are video and audio training courses covering internet business topics.   Depending on the package you purchase when you join, the products vary.

  • Business Tools Mastery (how to use email, Google, how to manage your time, how to use communication and collaboration tools)
  • Super Secretes to Direct Mail Success (audio lessons from 10 marketers)
  • Millionaire Marketing Seminar (how to produce products, sell them, market them, advertise them)
  • Collection of over 100 inspirational lectures & books from successful business people
  • 3 Day Information Marketing Seminar (marketing techniques)
  • How to Make Money From Traffic (techniques of online marketing, ranking in search engines, press releases etc)
  • Home Business Success Course
  • Secret Weapons of Direct Marketing
  • Online Marketing Mastery Workshop
  • Article Marketing (how to use articles to increase your position in search engine rankings)
  • Internet Blogging for Profit
  • Building Your Brand
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful Internet Marketers
  • Cell Phone Profits
  • Success in Social Networking
  • Email Marketing Secrets
  • High Ticket Success
  • Conversion Profits
  • Ultimate List Building
  • Video Marketing Success
  • Infopreneur Academy

The Opportunity

Joining Secret Success Machine means purchasing a product package.  Making money means selling packages to other entrepreneurial-minded people.  It's that simple.

The seven packages range in price from $500 to a stunning amount of $20,000.  The more you spend, the more training modules you get access to, from the list above.  Of course, spend $20,000 to become Elite Royal and you get all the products as well as opportunity to sell all the products.

Your first sale will “pass up” to someone above you (your sponsor), but after that it's “commission city, here I come!”

In addition to purchasing your package, you'll also pay a $247 administration fee.  But once you've purchased your package, you're in…no other fees apply, no quotas, no autoship etc.  You earn commission by bringing someone else into the program, who purchases a package.

As is typical in high-ticket sales structures, your first sale is passed up to your sponsor, but subsequent sales are all you.  That means 100% commission.  When you get others to join, their first sale passes up to you, too.

The Verdict

Any time a business website doesn't rank for its own company name, I get suspicious.  Secret Success Machine, if they have a website, is completely and utterly failing in this regard.  Search on “Secret Success Machine” and the only result that looks plausibly like it might be their site is an affiliate landing page created by one of the Secret Success Machine independent distributors, or whatever they call the people who join and then try to sell the products.

There's no information about who runs the program.  The emphasis is on recruiting.  The website talks about how much money you'll make if you join, but not much about the products themselves (which by the way happen to be incredibly expensive).  My red flag alert radar is beeping at this point, and so should yours be too.

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