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The Agora Marketing Masters Network (shortened to Agora Marketing for sanity’s sake) is a career and business development opportunity geared towards marketers – especially internet marketers – that provides online support and networking for marketers.

What Is Agora Marketing?

Agora Marketing is a product of The Agora, in Baltimore, a group of Maryland-based marketing publisher companies that has been in business since 1978.

The Agora began as a direct mail business, sending marketing materials to subscribers well before the advent of digital publishing and marketing. Founded by Bill Bonner, The Agora produces and markets more than 300 publications every year, delivered to in excess of 4 million subscribers across the world.

Agora Marketing Product

Agora Marketing offers several different services to marketers. These services include access to pre-tested marketing campaigns, keyword lists, format tests, lead generation strategies, weekly emails, Facebook networking groups, first pick of tickets to seminars and conferences, and similar benefits.

The retail price of becoming a member of Agora Marketing is $1997, which is an annual subscription. However, The Agora is running a promotion at the time of this writing that discounts the price of annual membership by $1000, making the first year’s membership costs just $997.

This promotion is supposedly available to the first 250 individuals who sign up to become “charter members” of Agora Marketing. After this 250-member quota is filled, Agora Marketing claims that any further applicants to the networking group will be waitlisted and contacted when enrollment is open once again.

Agora Marketing Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Agora Marketing is to gain access to the voluminous tools and strategies that The Agora has developed over decades of research and development into digital marketing. As The Agora is a highly successful marketing company, the value of these tools could be high in regards to applying this knowledge to your own marketing efforts for products and services of your own. The opportunity to network with other marketers could also be seen as beneficial.

Other than that, there’s no other secondary opportunities presented by joining Agora Marketing.

Agora Marketing Verdict

The Agora has been around for a very long time, and they’ve been involved in plenty of successful marketing campaigns in the past. Many of these campaigns have been in the realm of marketing digitally published products, which means the company certainly has skin in the game when it comes to developing effective tactics and strategies on subjects like lead generation, sales conversions, and other matters related to digital marketing.

Can you learn from The Agora? Almost certainly. Is this knowledge going to be worth almost $1000 for a year’s worth of access? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Valuable knowledge doesn’t necessarily come cheap, but we do feel reticent in recommending a product with such a high ticket price.

Still, if you can afford the price of admission and you want to learn from a well-established marketing company, you could likely do worse than joining Agora Marketing, as long as you strive to keep your expectations reasonable.

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