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Share The Number is a recruitment funnel for an automated income system that requires you to call a phone number, leave your contact information, and then receive another phone call in return that allows you to successfully sign up for the system. Doing so supposedly opens you up to earning as much as $1300 a day using this system.

What Is Share The Number?

There’s nothing on the Share The Number site that would possibly clue you in to who owns or operates the company. The site itself features a partial registration under the name “John Valley,” with no address or phone number added, making that information as close to useless as possible.

Share The Number Product

The product, as presented by Share The Number, is incomprehensible. You call a telephone number, listen to a 1-minute sales pitch, leave your name, number, and a “promo code” from the individual who provided you with the number in the first place.

Then, you receive another phone call in turn, provide personal details, are given access to the Share The Number system, and are assigned a “promo code” of your own so that you can exhort others to call the number and get enrolled in the system.

If there are any costs or fees associated with this system, it’s impossible to know without getting making and taking a call – something we simply weren’t going to do. However, from what we’ve gleaned, affiliates earn money through this system by going through the recruitment process themselves in order to become a member before they can then begin marketing the membership themselves.

There seems to be a free membership and a paid membership, but again we weren’t able to uncover any solid details on what the costs are with this product, or even how you make money.

Share The Number Opportunity

Somehow, somewhere, convincing people to listen to a 1-minute message and then leave a message with your affiliate code somehow earns you commission-based income with Share The Number. How much you can earn per call, whether you can build a team of affiliates below you that provide residual commissions, or what it costs to receive the highest commission payments are all complete mysteries.

Share The Number Verdict

We’re simply not going to recommend you get involved in an affiliate marketing opportunity that involves convincing people to call a strange phone number, to listen to a bizarre sales pitch, and then to leave your affiliate ID code in order to provide warm leads for some nameless, anonymous company that can’t be bothered to be upfront with what this affiliate membership costs and how it works. The lack of transparency and clarity is of an extreme concern to us, and you would be hard-pressed to find any legitimate company that relies on the same kind of anonymity and obfuscation going on here with Share The Number.

It doesn’t matter to us how many thousands of dollars a day the company claims you can earn – without showing us clearly how this works, without requiring some phone call nonsense, we’ll never view it positively.

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